Gamache Goes Abroad – A Better Man

Gamache’s last trip before the publication of All the Devils Are Here takes him just across the pond, to visit the UK edition. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the jackets, at first glance, look exactly the same — which is a rare example of the foreign and domestic publisher agreeing on a design that suits both the novel and the reading audience in both countries. 

There is one slight difference between the two: the UK publisher chose to add a quote to the cover, which is common practice in that country. Here, they feature a very complimentary quote by Denise Mina: “One of the greatest writers of our times.” Do quotes like these ever influence your decision to buy a book?

As this is our last visit abroad with Gamache, we’d like to thank you for traveling with us over the past few months. We hope to see you all in Paris next week with the release of All the Devils Are Here on September 1st!

Discussion on “Gamache Goes Abroad – A Better Man

  1. Gean Andrews says:

    All I need to see is “Louise Penny” on the cover. Quotations do not sway me. I’m trying to remember what drew me to read the first Louise Penny novel…you’ve been my most cherished author for so long I cannot recall. I will share that I have actually prayed, selfishly, that you will continue to write your novels with Chief Inspector Gamache and all the other beloved characters forever! Or at least for many years to come, please. The joy and satisfaction, the sheer emotion I feel whenever reading one of your novels is beyond compare. Thank you so much!

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