Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: A Better Man

  1. Rosa Hsiung says:

    I went to see Louise at the National Book Festival in DC a couple years ago. While there I met a lovely lady named Toni and her grand daughter. We later connected on Facebook and still follow each other.

  2. Patricia Sullivan says:

    I joined Three Pines Friendly. There really is no agenda, just people who love the idea of Three Pines and the characters who dwell there. They may talk of visiting the area, may share reading recommendations, may quibble over whether or not a series should be made of the books. One lovely woman named Joanne would always write beautiful paragraphs, connecting something in her life with something from Louise’s books. Above all, there are always ducks!

    • Jane Backus says:

      I’m lucky to have shared these books and great chats with several readers of the Penny books. I’m reading other authors too, but I always seem to have a Penny book on my table. I’m journaling this winter to more closely study the poetic references. Mary Oliver, and so many others!!

    • JANET says:

      Is Three Pines Friendly available to fans? Sounds like a group with which I would love to connect! Please leave contact info if so!

      • Kirsten Morgan says:

        Three Pines Friendly is a Facebook group. There is another called Three Pines Friendly Discussion of Content.

        • Ken Wright says:

          A friend of mine recently published a book of poetry entitled “Influence of Place”. This title was never more clear as it was when I read “Madness of Crowds” following my reading of “All the Devil’s are here” – the influence of Three Pines vs. Paris. I love Paris, but I am so happy we are back reading about Three Pines!

    • Biz Thomson says:

      I miss Joanne and her stories and insights. Thank you for reminding us of her.

      • Sharon Bouchard says:

        I miss Joanne as well….she and I had connected several times on Three Pines Friendly. I had joined the group when there were less than 500 members. I left a couple of months ago because it became too large to be enjoyable on the level it had been. I wish they could have kept it at sharing many Louise Penny and Three Pines comments instead of so many photos of ducks. :)

  3. Deborah Powell Wells says:

    I just love these books and have read them several times. Each time I do I get more from the writing. It has made me appreciate the amount of detailed work that is required to create beauty. I admire Louise’s bravery to overcome serious loss and struggle with her grief and still give us Joy.

    Also thank you Louise for not killing off any of the main characters we love so much. It was touch and go with Isabelle LaCoste.

  4. Arlen says:

    No matter how I try, and no matter who I ask, there is just nothing I like reading as much as Louise Penny. As a friend said we all have our visual interpretations of Gamache and they are
    The books are so complete and stories and characters so well done that the “mystery” is almost secondary. That is what I require when I read this genre.

  5. Laura Desotell says:

    A Better Man was the first “Gamache” book I read. Loved it and the descriptions of living in Three Pines so much that I had to go back and read all the books written earlier. Enjoyed every one! I’d love to live there because of the people and the food described!

  6. Linda Leenig says:

    Many years ago, I discovered Louise Penny’s books at the bookstore. I couldn’t wait to go to my local library and start from the beginning. Imagine my surprise when there was not even one of her books there. As a matter of fact, the librarian had never heard of her! She immediately put in a call to get them in. Since then, I’ve recommended them to many people, including my book club. I’ve never heard anything but positive comments.

  7. Margie Love says:

    After reading each and every book in the Gamache series, I read them again, while waiting for the next one to be available. I love the village of Three Pines as if it were my home, and it is, in a way. The characters I cherish as my best friends. I don’t just read it, I absorb it. I can smell the lovely scents of the Bistro and the pasties and the other special dishes. Thank you for making my life so much more enjoyable during this difficult 2020/21.

  8. Alice Aiken says:

    I have loved all her books. I like especially that it is a war between good and evil and good always wins in the end. And I also read them more than once. Her characters are so real that I feel sad when have to leave them at the last page. An amazing writer. Have gotten several friends hooked!

  9. Jo Wade says:

    As I have been reading the series I am noticing phrase and/or incidents that seem to foreshadow coming events. Of course I am on my 4th reread so noticing has become easier or not if it foreshadows a negative incident to come.

  10. Several years ago my friend, Pam, and I were discussing books. I told her about how much I was enjoying rereading Louise’s book, How the Light Gets In. It was the latest in my collection of Armand Gamache novels and she was very interested in my enthusiasm. She went home with the first three and we both attended Louise’s visit to The Poisined Pen for the release of A Great Reckoning. We love the characters, plot, conflicts, settings and of course the themes of each book. Thank you Louise. We are eagerly awaiting The Madness of Crowds.

  11. Marlene Kaim says:

    I found Louise Penny’s books many years ago after reading a review on A Beautiful Mystery. I was intrigued with the setting and murder at a monastery. I was not disappointed and enjoyed meeting the characters for the first time in that unique setting.
    Since then, I recommended the series to my dear friend, my son in law’s mother, who was born and raised in Montreal. She and I have read them all as the years have passed, having had so many delightful conversations over the Three Pines characters and plots. We are looking forward to The Madness of Crowds.

  12. Meg Devine says:

    I had a severe auto accident and was “layed” up for months. thru the course of my rehab I read all of her books, some were audio which I loved hearing her Emmy Award winning narrator tell the story.
    I am healed up, and waiting for her next two books to come out!

  13. Jo Wells says:

    While I love all of Louise Penny’s books I am very disappointed in the later ones.
    I do not understand what the use of foul language adds to the storylines. It is offensive to me but maybe I am outside of the norm. However, it does spoil the stories for me. It adds nothing except to be more realistic in this day of everything goes. I still love the novels but the language is disappointing.

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