Gamache Goes Abroad: A Better Man

Gamache Goes Abroad: A Better Man

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Gamache’s last trip before the publication of All the Devils Are Here takes him just across the pond, to visit the UK edition. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the jackets, at first glance, look exactly the same — which is a rare example of the foreign and domestic publisher agreeing on a design that suits both the novel and the reading audience in both countries. 

There is one slight difference between the two: the UK publisher chose to add a quote to the cover, which is common practice in that country. Here, they feature a very complimentary quote by Denise Mina: “One of the greatest writers of our times.” Do quotes like these ever influence your decision to buy a book?

As this is our last visit abroad with Gamache, we’d like to thank you for traveling with us over the past few months. We hope to see you all in Paris next week with the release of All the Devils Are Here on September 1st!


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It’s my personal feeling that the authors I love and respect would not allow their names to be used just for payment. I trust they have read the book they’re commenting on, and their names on a book I might consider helps to reinforce my desire to read it. I might not have read these books without their comments and I would really have missed out on gaining new authors to read.

All I need to see is “Louise Penny” on the cover. Quotations do not sway me. I’m trying to remember what drew me to read the first Louise Penny novel…you’ve been my most cherished author for so long I cannot recall. I will share that I have actually prayed, selfishly, that you will continue to write your novels with Chief Inspector Gamache and all the other beloved characters forever! Or at least for many years to come, please. The joy and satisfaction, the sheer emotion I feel whenever reading one of your novels is beyond compare. Thank you so much!

If I know (of) the reviewer or the publication which has produced the quote, probably it will. Especially if I don’t know the author, or s/he is taking a new path in their writing.

I hope this works even for people who are not quoted on the jacket, as I am *always* telling friends, family, and complete strangers (hell0, Audra MacDonald) about Louise Penny, these books, and why Armand Gamache is…. well, perfect. Even in his imperfections.

Waiting impatiently for the 1st!!

If I’ve already read the author, I don’t care about quotes. I know whether I want to read it or not.

If it’s an author I’ve never heard of, a quote from an author I already like will encourage me to try the book, because I will hope that it will be in a similar style (it isn’t always). I don’t care at all about quotes from reviewers or other famous people. Just because someone else thinks it’s great doesn’t mean I will.

Only if they are quoting someone I admire. I’m much more likely to be influenced, by a recommendation by someone whose writing style I enjoy. Example: I love your writing style so if you recommended a book in your newsletter as something yiu read and enjoyed, I would probably check it out.

I felt exactly what DonnaMarie Falk said, I just didn’t have the inside knowledge she does. A flattering quotation (thank you, Sue Moore!) attributed to someone famous doesn’t carry any weight with me. Everything is endorsed by someone, usually for money. And they’re hardly going to print a disparaging comment about the book prominently its front cover. Not that there are any of those about Louise Penny! I rely more on recommendations from friends who have similar taste in books, reading the teaser on the book jacket, or occasionally reviews in my local newspaper.

In this case, I would not be intrigued if the quotation did not come from the book. Therefore, the beautiful cover alone with Louise’s name shown prominently is ideal for me. Thanks again for this fantastic activity to engage us in anticipation of ATDAH’s release next week. Congratulations Louise! Good Health, safe travels over to the UK and have fun with all your exciting virtual book tours. Cheers. ☮️

I like seeing LOUISE PENNY large. You are one person that I am glad is alive and engaged in this world.

No, I don’t think a quote on the cover necessarily influences me. Now, if Louise Penny’s name on the cover, THAT is a guarantee that I’ll buy, enjoy and re-read the book!

I have enjoyed this series so much. It has been fascinating to compare all the different covers and what they say about that culture and its approach to literature. Looking forward to Paris. There is so much to read about each book, I’m planning to come back again to read more about these beloved books.
Thank you so much

I don’t rely on quotations. Instead I count on my dear friends who read a lot more books than I ever will. Many recommended Louise Penny’s series, and I am hooked. I am rereading her books in order prior to September 1st. I also stay current with John Grisham’s novels. (PS – The retired English teacher in me wants to let you know that what you read are quotations, not quotes. We “quote” what someone says, and what they say is written as a “quotation”. I hope this is helpful.)

I have a New York friend who is a published author. On the cover of her last book was a complimentary quote from a world famous author/celebrity/activist. My New York friend has never this person and doubts she ever read the book. The celebrity was paid to have name on the cover in order to sell the book. So no, I don’t even read those quotes.

I prefer to read the blurb about the book than someone else’s opinion of the book. We all have different tastes, the exception being all the laudatory comments about Louise Penny and her series. Gamache et al and Three Pines are people and a place I wish were real. I’d move there in a heartbeat to be friends with them.

Generally, quotes don’t influence me. A book could be widely loved and highly recommended, and I may not like it. I tend to be more influenced by the author. If it’s an author whose writing I like, I’m more likely to read his or her new books. I’ve read every Louise Penny book and have never been disappointed. Good luck with the new release! Looking forward to getting my pre-ordered copy.

Thank you for taking the time for us to reminisce as well as view the artistic license taken in the form of book jacket interpretations.
I’m looking forward to vicariously visiting France with Gamache, Reine Marie, et. al.

I am definitely influenced by quotes, especially if it is from a very reputable person or if it says “Pulitzer Prize”! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed my travels with book jackets and now to Paris. Best of luck on the release!

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