A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

Art is certainly a consistent thread throughout the Three Pines canon. 

Are there any real-life artists or works of art that come to mind when you envision Three Pines?

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Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

  1. Mel says:

    I had read all of the books and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one. I’ve just spent the last two months listening to all of the books on audio book. It slows my mind down and I become part of the scene. I don’t know a lot about Canadian art but I’ve learned a lot about the art through Louise. These are my favorite book series of all and I am an avid reader.

  2. Ann says:

    I read Still Life shortly after my beloved brother died. SI;ce Ihad difficulty picturing heaven, I imagined Michael in Three Pines.

  3. Louise Leclair says:

    Love Still Life and all the others. Louise Penny has the gift to bring you right into the piece od art that is involved in her books. You can feel the people running away with fear in the tiny sculptures or you are with the whole scene detected in the painted eye. Vous êtes dans le regard! I have read each book at least twice and keep discovering new artistic element. Madame Penny, you have such a gift. Thank you for sharing your treasure with us.

  4. Julia Vilardi says:

    I have all the series on my Kindle and have read whole series three times. Eagerly awaiting next book coming in August. I love all the people in Three Pines, specially Ruth and her Duck. I usually start all over beginning of summer every other year, and read in between other books until I finish the series. Then start over the next summer.

  5. Amanda Lovetinsky says:

    The description of Jane’s art made me think of Grandma Moses.

  6. Diana Beach says:

    I agree about the movie of Still Life. Please don’t do that again! The actor was wrong (I did like him as Lynley) but more than that they didn’t seem to get the book and lost it soul. And they dodged the whole issue of the art. They took something magical and made it very pedestrian.

  7. Priscill says:

    I appreciate art of all styles. Living in Montana for years the mountain vistas with all the pines are a favorite.

  8. Susan Reeve says:

    In art as literature, iconic images focus our thoughts and emotions. Those are the moments we remember. That’s what a good writer does. That’s what a good artist does. By narrowing our vision we have a pivotal point of reference. All the complications from life can be centered on one image. From there it makes it easier to see our surroundings and the available directions.

  9. Emerald Murphy says:

    Painting – Alan Sapp and Kurelek – both concerned with people and morality, although I much prefer Emily Carr and Jack Shadbolt – perhaps because I live on the northwest coast, and nature differs from that in Three Pines. Jane has a painter’s soul, and strong moral principles, beautifully juxtaposed with the lack of morality in her niece. This first book is a masterpiece, and I am continually amazed at the prescience of Ms. Penny, for the early introduction to the series’ characters. Thank you, Ms. Penny.

  10. Dianne McClendon says:

    I would love to be able to order a cookbook – I’m dying to eat any of the delicious things made in the Bistro.
    And I would also really like a collection of “Ruth’s” poetry.
    Long Live Three Pines!

  11. Donnie says:

    Our daughter when I think of paintings we have quite a few of hers and treasure them one day we will return them but not yet

  12. E. Hawkins Brady says:

    I am reminded of Emily Carr’s art, even though she painted in a different province.

  13. Elle says:

    As an artist I appreciate the thread of attention to art that Louise includes in each book. Still Life can, of course, mean the art of rendering an inanimate object or objects that are sitting there waiting to be painted, but it can also mean that there is still life here; life hasn’t gone, or it could mean that there is life that has a stillness about it. Talking about the microbes in a still that is distilling whiskey is probably taking it too far!

  14. Eileen says:

    The Group of Seven

  15. ShellaB says:

    I think possibly Louise’s books are more appropriate for a series so the characters can be developed over time and we can get a better feel for Québec’s Cantons de l’Est.

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