A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

Art is certainly a consistent thread throughout the Three Pines canon. 

Are there any real-life artists or works of art that come to mind when you envision Three Pines?

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Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

  1. Joanne says:

    I just want to be able to view Clara’s “Warrior Uterus” art

  2. Susan Warner says:

    I love the fact that art plays such an important role in Still Life. Plus the closeness of the residents who make Three Pines such a comforting place to live.

  3. Sharen Wilde says:

    I always hang the calendars with art by Evgeny Lushpin- very warm and cozy landscape and village scenes. Love them!

  4. Barbara Fleming says:

    Jane, her art and her murder set the stage for great mystery and great beauty.

  5. Linda Lynch says:

    From my first reading of “Still Life”, throughout all the books that followed, the thing that, to me, has set Louise Penny’s books apart has been the honesty. Only one who has done the hard, painful work of truly knowing themselves could imbue their characters with such human reality.

  6. Diane Hines says:

    One of the first things I did when I was in Knowlton (Lac Brome) for the book launch was to find the painting of Fair Day that Jane did and submitted to the Art Committee. It was great fun to see it.

    • Gerry Kee-Chaston says:

      I agree – I took a one day guided tour around the Knowlton area a few years ago. We visited various sites Louise used as a basis for places in her books. It was wonderful – very knowledgeable guide and excellent tour.
      One of the stops was to see the replica of Jane’s “Fair Day”.
      I plan to return once it is safe to travel again. I’m from Ontario and loved what I saw of the Eastern Townships.

  7. Maureen Glynn Miller says:

    I’ve learned so much about the various aspects of the multi-faceted art world from Louise’s magnificent Three Pines series. With each book different genres are introduced, and I’m stunned with the depth of research necessary for the final product. Each book has amazing factual events intertwined with narratives. These novels are not just stories, but must be at least a Doctoral program into the art and craft of stunning writing. Thank you Louise Penny. Our lives have been so enriched. ☮️

  8. Katherine Skok says:

    I love it when Gamache stops his car..
    ‘At the top of the hill Armand Gamache stopped the car and got out. He looked down at the village and his heart soared. He looked over the rooftops and imagined the good, kind, flawed people inside struggling with their lives. People were walking their dogs, raking the relentless autumn leaves, racing the gently falling snow. They were shopping at M. Beliveau’s general store and buying baguettes from Sarah’s boulangerie. Olivier stood at the Bistro doorway and shook out a tablecloth. Life was far from harried here. But neither was it still.’

  9. Beverly Preston says:

    Yes, please make a tv series—preferably Netflix—on this series. Then we can enjoy all of Louise’s tales once again and carp about which is better, book or series, in a playful way. I would have thought that CBC needed a new work now that Schitt’s Creek is finished.

    • Gerry Kee-Chaston says:

      CBC’s production was terrible. It was many years ago, however and many of the network’s more recent productions have been excellent – Murdoch Mysteries or example.
      I agree with PATCAT – I prefer excellent books to stay on the page.

  10. Sandra Boucher says:

    I’ve always thought of this series as comfort food for the mind and soul. In spite of stress and sorrow (in the stories and in my life) I know that art, friends, family and yes, joy, will ultimately be there to comfort my friends at Three Pines and me.

  11. Sharon Clement says:

    The art, culture and food that is woven throughout the stories not only makes them more interesting, but is another anchor to reality; you believe you’ve just read about real people doing real things. And learning about other cultures is always interesting, and sometimes surprising (people are both so different and so…the same!). I’ve learned a lot just about Quebec and it’s own idiosyncrasies…

  12. Pat McDonald says:

    Loved this book I’m impatiently waiting for the next.While I wait I think I’ll start all over again from the beginning.After all isn’t that why we buy books so we can read again and again. Thanks

  13. Elizabeth Kellough says:

    Every spring, when the announcement comes out for a new Gamache book, I reread all of the series up to the last one. I am on book 5 now. I love Three Pines and the characters that dwell there. It becomes my happy place.

  14. Dora Villani says:

    I love all the references to art in the novels, even the literary references. They are so inspiring. I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I’ve done some watercolors. Three Pines would be a great place for that medium.

  15. Velda Smiley says:

    I have learned about Canaxian artists through the Gamache series. The first to come to mind is Emily Carr. Now I will look up Cathie Odom and Maud Lewis

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