A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

Art is certainly a consistent thread throughout the Three Pines canon. 

Are there any real-life artists or works of art that come to mind when you envision Three Pines?

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Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

  1. Rosa Hsiung says:

    I have no art background but I love the theme of art that runs through the books. It ties me to my daughter. She’s a young emerging artist, Anika Schneider.

    • Ann says:

      Rosa, I like your comment regarding reading about art. I do also. I searched your daughter’s name and will read up on her and her work. Thank you.

      • Rosa Hsiung says:

        Ann, thank you for your interest in my daughter and for taking the time to learn about her art!

  2. Lois Weissberg says:

    The theme of art, poetry and more is what makes these books so wonderful. I enjoy them all.

  3. Brenda Barton says:

    Maud Lewis!!!! Painted her house surfaces….Canadian folk artist.

    • Ellen says:

      Yes, Maud Lewis came to mind here too.

      • Patti Dexter-Peck says:

        Maude Lewis, perfect! CTV News Atlantic, Halifax, NS ran a story about her. Four of her original paintings found in a box in Banbury, UK as part of an inheritance. Had been in the family for 70 years and we’re the artist was unknown to them. Research led to them fetching a hefty sum at an auction house in England earlier this month. Canadians drove the bidding war and at least 2 of the paintings are coming home to Canada. The 2016 movie Maudie with Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke could be an interesting view for anyone looking for a way to pass so time in Covid lockdown.

    • Judith Presson says:

      Yes, that is who I thought of. Her style was not the same as Jane’s–Jane’s people were recognizable–but they both had a simplicity and a joie de vivre.

    • Cindy says:

      Googles her pictures. Very nice!

    • Pam Forrest says:

      Thank you for introducing me to Maud Lewis. I am just starting to learn about this Canadian artist, and I love the connection to Nova Scotia, as my brother and sister-in-law have a house there.

  4. Rebecca Sipprell says:

    I loved envisioning the art in all these amazing books. How I would love to meet all the artists!

  5. Pam Roberts says:

    I’ve been doing a series of stained glass pieces with hand-painted pine trees, set in Maine. Perhaps I was inspired by Three Pines!

    • Dorothy S says:

      Somehow I think of Winslow Homer. And the food, well I could spend a week eating at the Bistro! As for the books, I could spend the next few years rereading Louise Penny

  6. Cindy Taylor says:

    My sister-in-law, Kathie Odom, paints plein air, the French style of painting outdoors. Like Jane, it took a while before Kathie shared her paintings with others. When I see Kathie standing in a pasture painting, I think of Jane.
    You are welcome to see some of the paintings on her website, kathieodom.com

  7. Martha Moore says:

    When I first started drawing, then painting, I gravitated towards barren trees or pines. Something about getting lost in the act of adding branches would slow my breath and empty my mind. Andrew Wyeth’s watercolors come to mind when thinking about Three Pines. I also discovered an artist on Pinterest that seemed to capture the essence of those iconic images – a watercolor by Frances Dierken called Snowy Hillside.

  8. Kate Sternberg says:

    Clara makes me feel that it is okay to have food stains on all of my shirts and clay in my hair.

    • Linda Anger says:

      YES! For me it is bread crumbs and bits of sourdough starter in my hair, and bread flour all over my clothes…

    • Connie Heise says:

      Yes! I can see myself in Clara – however not artistic in any visual way. Still, as she finds her footing and inner strength I feel fortified, and more forgiving of the cookie crumbs and flour dusting the odd spots of my attire.

  9. liz Fertile says:

    I lived in Portneuf Quebec in 1949/50s and from memory I envision Three Pines, Love the books.

  10. Nancy Swenson says:

    So happy to be visiting Three Pines again. “Hello friends” I’ve missed you! ❤️

  11. Carol May says:

    I love following Clara as she ‘ grows into her own skin’. I am in awe of Louise’ description of the portrait paintings and how The Three Graces celebrate age but especially Hope- no spoilers

  12. Joyce Majors says:

    When I’m stressed and need to go to my Happy Place, Three Pines comes into my head. I think it’s Gabri’s genuine love of life, the great food at the Bistro, and all the camaraderie of the characters.

    • Jo Miller says:

      You’re right – it’s the good food, the comraderie of the characters and, of course, Armando Gamache and his combination of strength and compassion that draw me in! It is my haven.

  13. Jennifer Scoggin says:

    Well, this just makes me want to start over and read them all again…and again! I love being transported to that world of art, poetry, food, and deep relationship. Thank you!

    • Marlene Meffe says:

      I had all of the books over the years and during Covid lockdown, I started again with number 1 and read the all again in order. Loved it!

  14. Phyllis Leach says:

    Still Life introduced me to a village I knew I’d revisit again and again. Jane’s art was intriguing. I loved the description of it, as well as the food, folks and scenery of Three Pines. I long to stay there, and I do, whenever I read or re-read Louise’s books!

  15. Judith Tye says:

    Books are always better, but this is a Canadian series that begs to be on the screen. I imagine it in the, ‘Broadchurch’ style but with the patois of language and culture that is realized in the landscape of the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

    • PatCat says:

      They did do a tv movie once – personally, I don’t they did justice to it. I’d rather they just let us all create the characters and the settings in our own minds. I realize they did a successful Inspector Linley series based on Elizabeth George’s books – which incidentally had the same actor who played Linley playing Gamache. But it too was a disappointment to me. The actors are good, in the Linley series and also the TV movie of Still Life, I mean no criticism of them at all, but they just don’t match my mind’s picture.

    • Susan says:

      The company that produced The Crown is doing a TV show, more here: https://deadline.com/2020/05/three-pines-left-bank-amazon-louise-penny-adaptations-1202939209/

      • Sandi says:

        I don’t like Amazon. I try to not do business with them…but I just might have to join for Three Pines.

    • Ann says:

      I watched the movie that was made. Promptly when the movie was over, Armand Gamache reverted to the image of Armand Gamache that was in my head. Each of the characters has their own unique appearance in my own mind. For that reason, I prefer to read the books also.

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