Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: Glass Houses

  1. glenda urmacher says:

    I thought I was the only insane one walking around with a hard copy of Louise Penny’s works!
    It goes with me wherever I go, shopping, gas filling up, post office, doctor’s office and waiting on line. Why lose a minute?

  2. Kathy Hartzell says:

    I never leave for an appointment without a book to read, even if it’s on the tiny screen of my iPhone. But my preferred spot would be in a zero gravity chair, with the sun at my back, and the sounds of the birds in the trees above. Closing my eyes with nature around, I’m best able to visualize the settings Penny so eloquently depicts for us.
    Better yet, would be to lie there and listen to one on tape. Her reader is extraordinary.

  3. Randa says:

    When the weather is good, in my hammock looking out at my little forest. Also in my reading room in my comfy recliner surrounded by my favorite books!

  4. Carolyn says:

    My favorite places for quiet contemplation are my balcony, and my parents’ backyard as I garden or water the plants. My favorite place to read is on my balcony (I’m in a quiet cul de sac with a stand of pine trees across the way, and fox, baby bunnies, and wild turkeys abound).

  5. Kathy says:

    My favorite reading spot at home is in our front room in our comfortable leather chair, feet on the matching ottoman w a cup of tea or cocoa. Away from home it’s on the beach at Lake Michigan where the sounds of the waves or gentle tides on calm days add a nice background to the stories.

  6. Anne Newtown says:

    I agree with Susan. I always have my Kindle with me. My favorite place to read is sitting up in bed in the evening with both of my cats in my lap.

  7. Judy Murphy says:

    I started to read All The Devils Are Here but I forced myself to put it down. I am saving it for next week when we will be camped at Ricker Pond one of our most favorite spots. There I will read with the sound of the loons, water lapping and birds everywhere. A most special place to read!

  8. Stephanie Varnadore says:

    I also visit a church for reflection; the beautiful Chapel of St. Ignatius on the Seattle University campus. I read anywhere, the book creates its own space for me.

  9. Maureen Glynn Miller says:

    Spring and Summer, when I’m a little dozy late afternoon, I retreat to the seldom used, but really quiet and comfy living room. I take my book with the intention of reading a little before nodding out. 100% of the time, with one of the Three Pines books , I never nod out, and dinner is later than anticipated. Fall and Winter, I light the gas fireplace, and read by the fire. Here in Georgia, it doesn’t need to be freezing to enjoy the fire or Three Pines. ☮️

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