Postcards from Three Pines: GLASS HOUSES

Glass Houses Postcard
“Michael passed away. So hard to know how to put one foot in front of the other. But finding solace in Three Pines. Others tell me they find comfort there, and now, so do I.”

The look of pain she saw now wasn’t new, and wasn’t physical. It had always been there,
in Gamache’s eyes, like an astigmatism that meant he saw things slightly differently from the rest of them.

He saw the worst of humanity. But he also saw the best. And she was relieved to see that the decency remained. Stronger, even, than the pain. Stronger than ever.

Discussion on “Postcards from Three Pines: GLASS HOUSES

  1. Margaret Nelson says:

    I am rereading Glass Houses in preparation for next Tuesday! The only “complaint” I have is that it is being released on a weekday. That means it will be on my bedside table….waiting for the weekend…..waiting for me to open it and start reading the first page not wanting to put it down until it is done. The magic will happen and I will be transported back to Three Pines! And I will swear I can smell sandalwood, again.

    • Lucy Hoblyn says:

      Unfortunately most books release on Tuesdays. I don’t know why but perhaps it has something to do with getting them on the bestsellers in the newspapers for the weekend. It has always been like that.

  2. BARBARA NEIL says:

    Just finishing it, after re-reading the whole series during the summer and fall. Can’t wait for my pre-ordered copy to come!

  3. Marguerite Sumeraj says:

    Have read all your Three Pines books. Admire your courage and resilience after losing your husband. Looking forward to the delicious pleasure of reading your latest story. P.S. as a Quebec expat living in Ontario I really glory in the ambience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Vance Ginther says:

    Thanks for sharing a picture of your husband in this post card. He strikes me as a man with whom I would enjoy sharing a drink and conversation. I am sure you did.

  5. Sandy Cox says:

    See you in KC. Can hardly wait for the event. Love everyone of your books.

  6. Maureen Kehoe says:

    I had the honor of working with Michael at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. I was a newly graduated nurse, assigned to 6C1 (hematology-oncology). I had not heard of the Gamache books, but picked one up last year out of curiosity, because of my past connection to Michael. I was hooked! I managed to locate, purchase, and read all the books in the series. I am anxiously awaiting the newest release! Your portrayal of Quebec culture, character, and ambiance is spot on! Thank you Louise. (I thought that I was the only one who used the term “numb nuts” and “dick head”) LOL

  7. Hilde Senecal says:

    On the days I feel the world seems to be so s…..up and sad, I take one of my Books and read a section, it makes me feel better ! I love Ruth and Rosa would be nice to meet them in the Bistro, buy her a scotch or on the Bench by the pond…


      Dear Hilde, I wanted to reply to you. I lost my husband last year and the grief comes and goes and i suddenly cry.. I just recently found Louise Penny books and I listen to them in the car and at home and I am to be happy… as happy as I can be… but it is a joy….I wanted to share that with you.
      Patty Sokolecki Smoot

  8. Becky says:

    I didn’t start a new novel this week. I’m sticking to short stories so I am ready to dive into Gamache on the stroke of midnight.

  9. Cherry Buffington says:

    I am devoted to Gamache! I wish he were a real person. Many times as I am reading I am compelled to learn more about him and all the characters.

  10. Karen Lewis says:

    It is preordered and I am READY!

  11. Nancy Wagner says:

    I simply can’t wait for the latest Gamache book!! I even ordered three pines earrings for the book release next week…

  12. Adele Lott says:

    Am so lucky to be able to see you next week in Tallahassee and get my copy of Kingdom of the Blind. Can’t wait to visit Three Pines again.

  13. Joeth Barlas says:

    Thank you for posting the beautiful photo of Michael with sushi. Raced out to get my copy of the Kingdom of the Blind yesterday and was moved by “Gamache’s” paragraph describing the beaming face of the elderly man who had died, who instinctively knew those he loved, and kept them safe in his heart. You have done much good in this world by creating this “refuge village” full of irrepressible, flawed but lovable souls — ducks and all. The world you have created for your readers is a real gift! Again, thank you.

  14. Cynthia Harris says:

    I now have the latest ,The Kingdom of the Blind. It sits there on my bedside table, beckoning to be opened. I am resisting until I can no longer bear the suspense of knowing what has occurred. It’s like a box of chocolates !
    THANKYOU Louise for this experience, I have never read any books that so entrap you like entering into the world of Three Pines, and meeting these complex people.
    They say everyone has a book inside , waiting to be written,
    what a gift you have for sharing your books.

  15. Carol Lieto says:

    I read all of the books, but not quite in order. So, now I am confused. I feel like Kingdom of the Blind needs to explain what happened in the previous Gamache situation, so I am reading Glass Houses again. I hope that helps me understand a bit more.

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