Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: Glass Houses

  1. Suzanne Marlow says:

    My favourite place to be alone with my thoughts is St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal
    My favourite place to read is ‘anywhere I can’, I never go anywhere without a book or two with me!

  2. Jane says:

    I’m blessed with several places where I can let my thoughts mingle with my prayers and my reflections…most near is my son’s old bedroom, now painted a pretty yellow, and filled with crating supplies. Sometimes I sits n knits; sometimes I just sits!

  3. sylvain brodeur says:

    One of my favorite place to read is the park in front of Brome lake books, next to Coldbrook stream!!With a coffee in hand, I can read for hours the incredible stories of Chief Inspector Gamache.

    • Debra Worden says:

      You are living a blessed life.
      We live thousands of miles away in Oregon, USA.
      We visited your lovely town several years ago – in honor of Three Pines. What a delight.
      Covid has prohibited a return.
      We hope to come back someday … and venture further into Quebec. Further and much farther East.., at the edge of where the St Lawrence starts.

  4. Cheryl Hooper says:

    What a wonderful and helpful feature this is! I have two favorite places to read: at my family’s cottage on Lake Champlain, South Hero, Vermont, and in my garden, at home in South Burlington, Vermont. I’d like to post a photo of each reading a Three Pines classic. ❤️❤️

  5. Denise Blakemore says:

    The answer to both questions is easy. My grandfather’s house is where I like to sit with my thoughts and also read. It is in a village called Nelson in South Wales, north of Cardiff. I grew up there but moved away when I got married in 1978. Now our children have left home we’re selling up and moving back to Wales from England and we’re going to live in my grandfather’s house. I have read and loved every single Gamache book. I loved ‘All the devils are here’ and really looking forward to ‘The Madness of Crowds’.

  6. Linda Chudej says:

    Our front porch is my favorite place to sit & ponder the Universe. I love watching the birds & squirrels. It’s always peaceful on the porch. I can think through difficult situations as well as bask in reliving beautiful experiences while I’m enjoying being surrounded by Nature. Recently we let our 12-year-old Golden Retriever go so he could cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sitting on the front porch was a great comfort to me as I sorted through my sadness.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Sometimes, I will take a quilt and a pillow, along with my book, into the small park outside the front door. Sometimes, I’ll read while sitting on the patio; the birdsongs are delightful. Other times, I’ll read in our bedroom while sitting up in bed, and it’s there that I find time to meditate or contemplate.

  8. Judith Foley says:

    Love reading at Long Beach in Gloucester with the waves lapping the shore in the background…so peaceful with an ocean breeze!

  9. Al Dussault says:

    So much takes place in the church, from the stained glass to a bloody cape. It is always in the background but you need to use deliberate intent to actually feel the importance of St Thomas. The Bistro is the center of the community but the church is reserved for the deepest aspects of a wounded soul.

  10. Jan says:

    I love to read wherever I am. While waiting at an appointment. While sitting on my balcony. While sitting in my living room. While laying in my bed. While sitting by the ocean. It doesn’t matter where I am. I love to read. And reading Louise Penny’s wonderful series if enough no matter where I am

  11. Joan Hay says:

    I love books, the feel of them, the smell of libraries, chatting with the librarians, books stacked high in our unit. I may not get to them all, but there is a comfort in never running out of books. I take a book wherever I go, (an Inspector Gamache if there is a new one (I always pre-order so I don’t miss out, can never wait for one from the library) My favourite spot is our little shaded back patio on a summer’s day, the birds in the background, the children’s voices from the nearby Day Care. How lucky I am! My soul safe and sound in my latest lovey book

    • Gwen says:

      My favorite reading spot is similar…my old chair in the back garden, listening to birds and water bubbling in the pool..and the occasional ping of a little league bat on the field near my home. Sounds of summer.

  12. Wendy Barker says:

    In the summer my favourite place to ponder and also to read is in a camping site where we park our trailer. We don’t have a rental site; we just go to a provincial park and set up. Usually it has lots of trees around it and therefore lots of birdsong to add to the feeling of tranquility. In the winter I will sit on the couch in our den with a cup of coffee or tea and read or knit or just meditate.

  13. Carol May says:

    I read anywhere but I do need uninterrupted time and space to read. My copy is pre ordered and I wait patiently- almost

  14. Jacqueline Sojourner says:

    I too always have a book with me. I have read all of this series. I can read any where, but miss getting to the beach or our on lounge s. I’ m really looking forward to the book, but not that it’s the last one…

  15. Susan Casey says:

    I take my Kindle most places with me so I always have something to read. My favourite place to read is sitting up in bed in the early morning with a coffee and the sun, hopefully, coming through the window and my cat on my lap. Also on sunny winter days I love to sit in the garden and read.

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