Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: A Fatal Grace

  1. Lois Weissberg says:

    I love envisioning sitting by the fireplace with hot chocolate, the snow falling, the kids playing in it. But I love every season in Three Pines.

  2. Mary Cushing says:

    Winter in Three Pines. From the top of the hill, I see light-filled windows and smoke rising from chimneys and I know everyone is cozy inside. From inside the houses and Bistro, I see the storm outside and know that I am safe inside with my friends in Three Pines.

  3. Martha Moore says:

    Late fall as winter approaches. Spring seems too hopeful for murder. Lol

  4. Liz says:

    Love your three pines …all of them….I’ve lent out most of my copies, some I haven’t even read and am starting to wonder if I’ll ever see them again…need to keep a list, darn it…love this new feature

  5. Ellen says:

    I love winter in Three Pines. I want to be in Bistro next to the fireplace drinking hot chocolate. The folks in Three Pines know how to do winter!

  6. Donna says:

    Winter, of course. I love winter – it’s my favourite season. When I read the Gamache novels, I move right inside that little community of such special people – I stand outside in the centre of that little circle, looking around and seeing the lights in everyone’s home, and I soon see myself in the bistro, enjoying the laughter and comeraderie – and the food and beverages. It gives one such a real sense of belonging. Thank you, Louise!

    • Kathy says:

      I have the same sentiments!

    • Bobbie says:

      Truth. Having attended college in northern NY, hitchhiked to Quebec City, and honeymooned in Montreal, every one of my visits to Three Pines is real. I pace my reading for times when comfort needs to be the cure. Inspector Gamache’s kindness and integrity, Three Pines’ merry band of residents, hospitality in their homes and in the bistro: all ease me through the crime to be solved. The unexpected twists and story turns heighten my senses, particularly for the smells of delicious food, wood fires, and friendship. . .I love it, too, whatever the season. Thank you! Keep writing!

  7. Mary says:

    Winter is special and Three Pines.
    I would love to enjoy time in the bistro with the people of Three Pines.

  8. Sharon Schaale says:

    Of course Winter! Sitting in the Bistro with a fire going, watching Inspector Gamache walk the dogs around the park.

  9. Barbara Fleming says:

    Enjoyed totally. Hockey rink came to life for me. Sights, sounds nice and smells.

  10. Teresa says:

    My new to me book club just read Still Life and it is an introduction to the magic of Three Pines for the other members. (I am on my third reading). One of the members brought licorice pipes to share during our discussion!

  11. lyne says:

    In Three Pines all seasons seem absolutely great. So much that I took my kids to that part of the world one summer to try to have a feel of the region. Hoping that although Three Pines is only in the books I would get a sense Louise Penny gets her inspiration. It is a beautiful region. Loved it.
    You can also take a walking tour in Quebec city based on Bury your Dead. I cannot get enough of Inspecteur Gamache and the gang of Three Pines. I am totally addicted!

  12. Jean says:

    In the bistro in the winter, of course, surrounded by these fascinating people and great aromas!

  13. Alison Anderson says:

    As an Australian I find Winter the most interesting because we don’t experience it here as an extreme season. I love reading about how the characters enjoy the Bistro, the hot drinks and the fellowship of being inside as a respite from the weather outside. I even won a competition once knowing about the name of a Canadian winter hat! Tuque- and it was the prize. Winter in the books adds an additional element of danger- beautiful but potentially deadly.

  14. Mary Ogletree says:

    My favorite in Three Pines is fall, with its bright colors, lingering flowers, and chilly nights foreshadowing the winter to come. (In real life, my favorite season is spring, for its hope and for gardening to come.)

  15. Karen Law says:

    I live on a dead end street on a lake. Except for the murder part, I can see each of my neighbors resembling a resident of Three Pines in a unique way. Seeing those reflections brings me a greater depth of serene appreciation of my world and that is Gamache’s. It keeps me focused on the uniqueness of each person. I love it.

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