Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: A Fatal Grace

  1. Nancy Mumpton says:

    Winter is my favorite season in Three Pines. I live in Phoenix and miss the winters in Central New York that are similar to Three Pines. I makes me so happy and feeling a little homesick too!

  2. Jen Coletta says:

    Even though I live in update NY and should be used to the cold winters I hate winter. But I would love to sit by the fire with Gabri and Gamache in the Bistro with a hot cocoa and warm croissant!!! Winter in Three Pines sounds delightful!

  3. Jean S says:

    As a Canadian residing in Michigan for the past twenty five years, it is so special to be able to read well written Canadian literature with great suspense and enjoy the countryside of the Province of Quebec which I have always loved. Thank you Louise.

  4. Joan Bolton says:

    Winter – yes. Growing up with wood stoves I know warmth when I see smoke coming out of chimneys. I appreciate Louise’s insight into human feelings being brought to life in Gamache and the folks of Three Pines. Ideally living in a small community where get togethers sharing homes, or the Bistro, and food are common place is desirable.

  5. VeldaSmiley says:

    I love winter and want to visit Quebec City for the winter carnival

  6. Carol Alley says:

    When I read of winter in Three Pines, I am transported to a world where winter is magical. I am not in a Minnesota winter where heavy snow has to be removed from sidewalks and driveways and driving on unplowed streets is dangerous. Thank goodness for winters in Three Pines.

  7. Bonnie says:

    I love winter in Three Pines. Grew up in upstate New York, then moved to the Bay Area in California… love the Bay but miss winter! Three Pines holds the perfect winter ambience.

  8. Muffy K says:

    I love the winter in Three Pines. I see the warmth of the Bistro,
    the smell of hot chocolate, I think I can hear the laughter and
    whispered secrets each time I open the books. The characters are each so interesting in individual ways. They’ve become friends. I’m transported to a comforting and magical place. I can’t wait for the next book each time I finish one. I try so hard to read slowly. I think autumn is a close second to.

  9. Starr-Ann says:

    Being from Montreal, my favourite season is very late Summer/early Fall. However, Louise’s winters are so very well written that I am reminded there can be glorious winter days and miserably cold and stormy days too. I get a chill just reading.

  10. darlene z. says:

    i connect so much with theses books. i am an artist and understand completely the struggles that go with being that. be true to yourself or give the people what they seem to want.
    winters and hot cocoa go hand in hand. and i see myself many times sitting in the chairs close to the big fire place with both hands around a big mug of hot cocoa.

  11. Margot says:

    I love the Winter in Three Pines. There is a special warmth in the relationships that define the inhabitants of this mystical place. There is something so real, so full of hope and beauty that I feel I am truly a part of a place where all pain can be healed by the real love that exists in Three Pines. The damage and flaws that make us all human are accepted and given dignity here. I’m so happy to find this place to share the joy that each of these books bring to my life.

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