Postcards from Three Pines: GLASS HOUSES

Glass Houses Postcard
“Michael passed away. So hard to know how to put one foot in front of the other. But finding solace in Three Pines. Others tell me they find comfort there, and now, so do I.”

The look of pain she saw now wasn’t new, and wasn’t physical. It had always been there,
in Gamache’s eyes, like an astigmatism that meant he saw things slightly differently from the rest of them.

He saw the worst of humanity. But he also saw the best. And she was relieved to see that the decency remained. Stronger, even, than the pain. Stronger than ever.

Discussion on “Postcards from Three Pines: GLASS HOUSES

  1. Ken Hughes says:

    I have read all your Gamache books including Kingdom of the Blind and read and reread the last paragraph and the author’s comments. I am sorry you lost your husband and now it reads like we are going to lose you.
    You will be greatly missed. You have provided much pleasure to many people.

  2. Jeanne Sanders says:

    I must simply say “Thank You”, Louise Penny, for helping salve my broken heart. I lost a dearly loved friend in December to dementia. Your wise, loving, compassionate Armand so resembled him that as I read Kingdom of the Blind it felt as if he was here again.
    The good that is sent out into the world is never lost!

  3. Beth Van Vorst Gray says:

    In the Gamache series, I feel that the text invites you in, to be comforted by the Three Pines cohorts, and there always seems to be a word I need to “hear” when I read it. Sometimes, it is the quote from a beloved author, or a poem by Ruth, or from the mouth of one of my characters to my listening ear. The constant themes of “surprised by joy,” Gamache’s five rules and the quote from Corintians are bedrocks that anchor the books. I am an adoring fan. Beth

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