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In A Rule Against Murder, it is the height of summer, and Armand and Reine-Marie Gamache are celebrating their wedding anniversary at the luxurious Manoir Bellechasse. But while Manoir Bellechasse might be surrounded by nature, there is something unnatural looming. If it’s been awhile since you’ve read the fourth book in the series, we invite you to refresh your memory of the novel with our Re-Read lead by Sarah Melnyk. You can also learn more about the real-life inspirations behind the settings and cultural references in the book, try a recipe the characters enjoy in A Rule Against Murder, and explore more of all things A Rule Against Murder here at GamacheSeries.com. 

Not everything needed to be brought into the light, he knew. Not every truth needed to be told. Do you agree with this statement? Let us know in the comments!


What was true at a time in the past may no longer matter and, if told, may destroy the truth in the present.

I can only speak to the truth as I see it because the objective truth is often beyond my grasp when it comes to family and friends. If I were to say to a sibling or friend, that is only true because you selfishly believe it to be so, what good would that do outside a serious moral query or murder inquiry? Is my truth absolutely objective, or personally biased?

It would be truth to tell me I’m ignorant because I am of a great many things. But it would be more helpful to relieve my ignorance.

Sometimes love, and timing, and wisdom trump the moment as hard as it can be to not tell all😇

My mother taught me that you don’t HAVE to tell everything you know. There are some things better left unsaid, some ideas never written down, etc. I don’t know if the Chief Inspector would approve of the saying “What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas”! Another colloquialism would be ” Only my dearest friends know where the bodies are buried”. The list of sayings like these is long, and must be pondered upon another day.

Maybe I have misinterpreted much of the wisdom of the Gamache series of books, but I thought one of the main points was to discover the truth about certain events of the past and bring them to the attention of others, for justice to be served. Of course the ‘other’ person (people) weren’t always judiciously chosen; finally ending up with Gamache himself. Personally I believe that the truth has always set me free. It’s what I don’t know about and hearsay that’s the real issue. Thank you for considering this other viewpoint.

Sometimes , years later, you find out that some hurting words or actions were based on another party’s personal trials at the time. The hurt party can move on knowing that life has many more choices ahead and may learn to sidestep some along the way. I like to think that we are ALL looking to improve ourselves and to include others joyfully. If the hurt goes too deep and includes pain for others as well, I hope I’ll be brave enough to seek professional help.

Buried hurts should stay buried, as long as they don’t cause you lifelong , deep seated pain.
Unsaid hurtful words usually don’t serve any purpose except to open old wounds, inflicting
emotional bleed, and mental anguish.
The stronger participant to life’s unfurling dramas, walks taller, smiles broader, loves deeper.

I have been guilty of this, but my disclosures have never brought the relief I sought. Thank you, my good Inspector.

If someone has caused you deep pain, it’s a temptation to do same to that person so others know. DON’T. That just spreads pain and we need no more pain. Tuck that pain/truth back and allow new love filled and joy filled experiences to overcome.

Wise advice. Not always easy to do and oft times is one sided; but totally frees you from carrying and spreading anger and bitterness around.

Some things are best kept to oneself. Their power is that they are right where they belong; with you. Perhaps there is such a thing sometimes as too much sharing!

We all have a small piece, deep inside, that belongs to just us. To me, it can be a good memory or something painful, that is told, could cause harm to another..

So very true. There would be much less hurt in this world if certain things remained unsaid.

There are many experiences for which there are no words – only waterfalls of emotion…words might come later but in the moment, silence…reflection…memory. Acceptance of a truth but leaving it be, like a crazy hat returned to its box and placed on a high shelf, out of reach, and later, out of mind. It’s still there but pushed aside.

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