The Real Places Of Three Pines: A Great Reckoning

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“The community had, after all, greeted the arrival of the Sûreté Academy a few years earlier with unalloyed delight, helping them find an appropriate site on the outskirts of Saint- Alphonse….Jean-Guy had not told his pregnant wife that the academy was, in fact,
the last shit pit in the Sûreté. And her father was in up to his neck.”
(A Great Reckoning, Page 31-32)

The École nationale de police du Québec is located in Nicolet, roughly 70 miles east of Montreal. The training academy replaced the Institut de police du Québec and has been instructing police officers since 2000.

The Real Places Three Pines: A Great Reckoning

The Sûreté was originally formed in 1870 and has jurisdiction throughout the whole of Québec, which means traveling nearly 44 million(!) miles a year on the province’s highways and byways. Not to mention, the Sûreté is also responsible for Québec’s bodies of water and trail systems.

The path to becoming a police officer comprises three years of learning procedural techniques, followed by 15 weeks of comprehensive tactical training.

The Real Places Three Pines: A Great Reckoning

A key mandate of the Sûreté is to serve local communities and to provide what is dubbed as “local policing”. They’ve found that “this approach helps to establish connections with citizens and provides a better understanding of local needs and realities”.

That certainly sounds like our beloved Gamache!


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