Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: The Long Way Home

  1. Susie Scoppa says:

    My River! I watched the Seaway being built. I’m in a ship watchers group on Facebook. I love the history of lost villages, summer homes, and wars. It is ever changing!
    I bird-watched along the shore as a teen.

  2. denise salter says:

    I love being near water in all its wonderful forms: lakes, rivers, waterfalls, rapids, even a little stream. A swimming pool will do in a pinch – particularly on a hot summer’s day! But to truly have my heart fill with joy, give me the ocean. Even better, a pounding surf. When I can get there, the shore at Tor Bay NS gives me all that I crave.

  3. Christine Gordon says:

    Twice daily walks along Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis made surviving the pandemic possible. It was wonderful to watch the changes in the lake and the surrounding areas; spring was especially wonderful this years as birds returned and we saw ducklings, goslings, and young muskrats.

  4. Abbie A. says:

    Lake Michigan – especially along the shore in Chicago.
    I love how the city shares her light with the lake.
    There is a soothing power watching a large body of water in all her changes and moods!

  5. Carol Miro says:

    I live in THE OCEAN STATE- Rhode Island and we are never far from the ocean or stream. I grew up spending my summers on the shore and still cherish the memory of falling to sleep to the sound of the waves and some nights the sound of the foghorn from the Point Judith Lighthouse

  6. Barbara Buchalter says:

    We also live near the water, at the entrance of NYC’s harbor, and all aspects of life near the sea add joy to each day. But for me, the low, sonorous, sound of the foghorns, in the early morning, or late at night, is what I especially love.

  7. Martha Roberts says:

    My soul requires both water at the beach, and the mountains each year. Even in the mountains water is so important – the old mill on the upper Chattahoochee River, the waterfalls on hikes, the pristine lakes. Nothing like a summer storm on the beach.

  8. Velda says:

    I live on the Ohio River. It is always there but doesn’t speak to me. Waterfalls speak to me, lakes,. Kayaking on the little Miami River. Trees and water replenish my soul

  9. Pat Moran says:

    The geographic descriptions are giid. The physical descriptions of the boat ride are a riot. The emotional chaos description is superb. My 40-year marriage was spotted by near misses akin to Clara’s, but my divorce kept failing.

  10. Dianne Adkisson says:

    I live along the Mississippi River in Illinois, & vacation at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Both of them are happy places for me.

  11. Kathleen Hyland says:

    I am a Long Islander, raised on the beach. The Atlantic Ocean is my favorite- sometimes wild and crashing, other times calm and peaceful. There is nothing like it.

  12. Mary Thor says:

    We share the St Lawrence with Canada and I have missed seeing from your side.

  13. Mary Peterson says:

    I have read the Gamache series, up to “The Long Way Home”, plus my first 2 or 3 in the series which were beyond and out of order.
    My comments are directed to the author, relative to my observation to the change in character of Clara in “The Long Way Home”.
    I wonder if others had noticed?

  14. Kelley Oakley says:

    I love waking up every morning to a beautiful sunrise over Bayou DeSiard here in Monroe, Louisiana. ⚜️

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