Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: The Beautiful Mystery

  1. T.A. Prizzi says:

    Each form has its advantages. I’m currently listening to the book but also reading the hardcover. I think Ralph C. is just fabulous in his vocal portrayals of the characters. I find his voice incredibly soothing providing a perfect foil to escalating emotions of the story. And since I listen while walking the pooch, I’ll walk longer. Another benefit.

    Reading the hardcover is a different experience because it’s tactile, visual, and emotional. The smell of the book can evoke memories as can the feel of the pages. You can see your progress through the story and experience the story’s pacing by paragraph length, sentence structure, how much white space there is.

    Tired eyes or frisky pooch means audiobook. Quiet “me” time is best suited for the hard copy. Lucky to have a choice

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