Postcards from Three Pines: The Beautiful Mystery

Postcards from Three Pines: The Beautiful Mystery

“Just spent a quiet night at the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac. The only sound was the monks singing Gregorian Chants. Hope I can capture this feeling of peace in the book. This really is a “beautiful mystery.”


The abbot led the small procession, followed by Frères Simon and Charles. Then Captain Charbonneau at the head of the stretcher and Beauvoir behind. Gamache was the last to leave the abbot’s garden, closing the bookcase behind him.

They walked into the rainbow corridor. The joyful colors played on the body, and the mourners. As they arrived at the church, the rest of the community stood and filed from the benches. Joining them. Walking behind Gamache.

The abbot, Dom Philippe, began to recite a prayer. Not the rosary. Something else. And then Gamache realized the abbot wasn’t speaking. He was singing. And it wasn’t simply a prayer. It was a chant.

A Gregorian chant.

Slowly the other monks joined in and the singing swelled to fill the corridor, and join with the light. It would have been beautiful, if not for the certainty that one of the men singing the words of God, in the voice of God, was a killer.

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This was an amazing mystery…I have read all of Gamache books to date and then have been listening to each as I paint. I suggest it to all. As a Texan, hearing the French pronunciations of names and places helped so much. As always, I am waiting on the edge of my chair for the next one of Louise Penney’s masterpieces.

I read this whole series after it had been published, so no waiting. I rushed through them, enjoying every last word. While I know the stories, I’ve forgotten who the killers were. Isn’t that great? Now I can go back and read them all over again, a little slower this time. Most of my reading had been late into the night, resulting in sleep deprivation. With summer holiday here I will be wide awake and going on another Township vacay. Love me some Louise Penny writing. From The Heart From Toronto – Deb

So far, my favorite. Got hooked on these novels when a friend presented me with a copy for my birthday. She noticed that the protagonist and I share the same last name, and felt I would enjoy reading the book(s). She was so right! The Gamache’s in North America / Canada are all related, which is fascinating. I used to travel a lot, and would look in phone books, trying to find the name; there were very few to be found. I enjoy reading about Canada, and my fictitious long-lost cousin, Armand!

This book, more than many a sermon I’ve sat through, explains the true nature of Evil. Evil is easy. Evil says “take what you need; you deserve it! What do they know”. Evil says “they call you an addict. What do they know about your pain, your suffering. Don’t listen to the ‘do-gooders’”.
But then Louise shows us the power of unconditional love, when Gamache stares up at that plane, knowing Jean-Guy is looking down at him.
Wow. Gives me chills just to write about it.

This is my favorite novel, I’ve read it several times, and I have the audio book.
Her descriptions are so vivid I can see what she is describing.

I stayed at Holy Wisdom Monastery for several weeks and found deep piece during a difficult time in my life. I own several different CDs with chants, so deeply relaxing.

Thank you Louise, I enjoy your books and the characters so very much. They are like old friends who come to visit once a year.

This was my first Gamache book. I was hooked after the first chapter. All I could think about was finding more books by this author!

This is my favorite book of the series, just because of the wonderful feeling of peace that surrounds and underlies the action in the story. The prayer intervals and stations of the cross, the circular nature of the chants, give a profound sense of the continuity of life and spirit that transcend human enterprise. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Louise!

It is so exciting to be able to see Louise Penny in person in Tallahassee in November! I could hardly believe that I will be given this opportunity next month. The Kingdom of the Blind. What a poweful title. I have read all the Three Pines mysteries in the last 4 months.

Won a copy of ‘Kingdom of the Blind’ on Goodreads.com ! I had to buy all your other books , well worth the investment . Let us know if you ever visit the Flight 93 National Memorial , we will have you stop by for dinner . ( Don’t expect Bistro Quality) .

This is my favorite one in the series…so far. The setting appeared to be calm, peaceful and meditative. The chanting added to the atmosphere. But what secrets were hidden there?
Oh Jean Guy, my heart cries for you.

I love all the Gamache series books, but Beautiful Mystery is my all time favorite – so far. Since I have a degree in music, sing in our church choir, and taught middle school music for several years, this particular story resonates with me.

While reading this wonderful book, I had Pandora play me a music channel called “Gregorian Chants.” Very atmospheric

I was crazy about The beautiful mystery. I have read the entire series in order because I was lucky enough to stumble on the first book. I am in love with each character and most especially Louise and 3 pines. I am so excited she is coming to Tallahassee soon and I will see her.

Pat writing above named her favorites. I was introduced and began reading with A Great Reckoning. It was terrific. But I quickly realized there were hints of so much that had happened in earlier books. I started over at the beginning with Still Life. I am rereading, in order, and Bury Your Dead is where I am. Two things I want to share. First, I read such a variety of things that I was missing Armand and his people. So, I have begun reading a chapter every day I can. Early in the day, it is my meditation time. I am in touch and happy. Then afternoon rest and bedtime are for the other stuff. I have had my Gamache time. Back to Pat. The five books beginning with The Brutal Telling through How the Light Gets In are the best. The people become more known, wisdom is shared, depth makes Three Pines live in your mind, they have become irresistible. I still put A Great Reckoning high, as well. And so enjoy reading others words about the appreciation of Louise Penny we share. Thanks for these opportunities!


I congratulate you on your nod to Monty Python in the beginning of Ch. 28 of The Beautiful Mystery. That was wonderfully witty! Do come to St. Paul, MN sometime.

Louise on our trip to knowlton top of the list was meeting you next was our visit to the abby and for the service hard to describe ones feelings the gregorian chanting beautiful and so was the
book it was hard to clear that from ones mind for it stayed with you. A wonderful experiance
look forward to your new book out soon.

So fun to read the comments, so much in common. This was my first Gamache listen, and got my mom to love them too. When she was in the hospital dying, I turned to this specific audiobook as I walked the corridors and it was comfort where there was none, listening to this beautiful story.

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