A Return to Three Pines: The Beautiful Mystery

A Return to Three Pines: The Beautiful Mystery

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Sound, particularly Gregorian chanting, plays an integral part in The Beautiful Mystery

Speaking of sound, do you prefer to read or to listen to Louise’s books? 

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Three Pines is a setting and ambiance in which I love to luxuriate. The characters keep growing as does my friendship with them. And I always want to gather with them at the Bistro! Louise Penny is my favorite author and I am so very grateful to and for her brilliant, insightful works. I, too, lost a husband to dementia and hope that her healing process is moving along. I have all the books, hardback and audible, and find that every time I reread or re listen to a book I find new details and nuances I missed before. Thank you so very much for this wonderful literature.

I loved reading them all on my e-book. I retain info I’ve read better, have created my own cast of characters and can more easily go back and check on derelict details. However, I now enjoy overhearing sections again as my husband listens to them. Takes me right back . . .

Reading works best for me. I’m somewhat hard of hearing so the written word is more clear. I loved this book, the mystery but even more so the setting. I try to read each book carefully so I can savor it, like a piece of fine chocolate.

“The Beautiful Mystery” is my favorite in the series. At first, I missed being in Three Pines and all its characters… but, the setting and plot swept me up.
I’ve switched to reading the books since the original Audible narrator passed away.

This was the first book in a long time when I couldn’t wait for the next book to be published. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to Jean-Guy.

I listen. The readers are excellent I can close my eyes and picture the scene. Don’t like to have to hold the books. Also listen in my car on long trips.

I’m with Lori! I do both…and sometimes simultaneously!! So admire the narration on Audible. My husband and I made the Three Pines “imagination” tour as well as the Bury Your Dead tour of Quebec City. Complete immersion and can’t wait to do it all again! Janet

My eyesight is failing, so I need larger and larger print to read easily. So I read on my tablet, where I can have the print as big as I want. The day will likely come that I’ll need to listen instead of read, but I’m not quite there yet. One of these days, though, I’ll get the whole set in audio. I’ve heard so many raves from friends about how wonderful the man doing the reading is.

With a book, I can re-read at will for clarification or appreciation. Seeing the words help me immerse myself deeply into the scenario. However, I would have loved to hear the chants in the background while I was reading. Louise, I love how you provide multiple opportunities for us to research unfamiliar events/topics/persons with each of your books. Then, there’s the food…☮️

This was my first introduction to Inspector Gamache. It was in the new books section at the library. Of course I had to go back and start at the beginning! Love Three Pines and the intricate characters and intriguing story lines.

I had the same experience with my first Gamache Novel, which was recommended by my grandchildren’s librarian in Oceano, CA. I then had to go start from the beginning and have enjoyed every edition of this wonderful series. I do miss Three Pines when the book is taking place elsewhere, but I know that eventually, Louise Penny will get us back there again.

I did the exact same thing! Someone gave me “A Beautiful Mystery” several years ago because she thought I’d like it, and she was right. I LOVED it! Then I had to go back to the beginning of the series and have been hooked ever since. I pre-order every book and during the shutdown last year gave myself the ultimate luxury of rereading the entire series!

Read. I can picture the characters and locations in my mind without the distraction of a voice

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