Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: How the Light Gets In

  1. Deborah Rice says:

    My very favorite book was given to me by my mother: ‘Christy’ by Catherine Marshall. I was 15 and read it as often as I could. I still have the paperback book, tucked away.
    I do like giving books. I usually chose one that I have enjoyed over the past year. A History/ Archeological themed book, about some new discovery!
    I like to receive books as gifts, from family members or friends. Even it I don’t read it right away, I will, eventually.

  2. Kathleen Edwards says:

    A favorite of mine to gift at Christmas is Dylan Thomas’ “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.

  3. Cheryl Jamieson says:

    I, unfortunately, am part of a family, that does not read. So one ever considers books as presents for me. My father was a great reader, but he passed over forty years ago. And his passion for reading seems to have only passed to me. It is rather strange, since I have multiple bookcases in every room of my house. But maybe it is for the best. I might receive books that I would rather not own.

  4. Jane Hikel says:

    What is Christmas without lots of books under a tree? While shaking the package, the recipient usually says, “Hmm, I wonder what this is?” There is always the new Louise Penney under the tree for my older daughter that she then passes on to me.

  5. Pat Moran says:

    “When I was a kid” is not a sentence. It is a dependent clause, floating about, irritating purists—every time they (I) reread the text.

  6. The very best time I had pre-pandemic was a holiday book exchange. A friend and I were chatting about books at her restaurant. We both thought it would be fun to use the restaurant one night when it was closed to host a book exchange and potluck supper. We ate, drank and had a night of great conversations. No one was to buy a book, but bring something they had read and would exchange. Several friends brought many books and the leftovers were set out for her customers to take. Reminded me a bit of the dinners in 3 Pines.

  7. Sharon Hart-Palmer says:

    My grandchildren and great nieces/nephews always know what is in the present: BOOKS! It is all I give to them for any occasion. Thankfully they are all delighted and have the love of reading instilled within them by their parents.

  8. Bobby Emerson says:

    I believe no gift is more intimate than a book. I let my grandkids select their own when young. Then I begin contributing to their interests – astronomy, feminism, politics. For adult family and close friends, I love giving books.

  9. Dianne Adkisson says:

    I love giving books, and have started giving them already to my first great granddaughter, born in January. Her parents read to her.

  10. Donna Chancy says:

    All of my Grandchildren know that Nana won’t buy candy and most of the time won’t buy many games ….but…… they learned at an early age that Nana Would buy as many books as they wanted! So now Book Stores are the only stop we make and have a wonderful time discussing and buying!!! Making many memories!

  11. Linn J. Smyth says:

    I give every baby born in our family an initialed, canvas tote bag — and then new books to refill it as they age.

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