A Return to Three Pines: How the Light Gets In

A Return to Three Pines: How the Light Gets In

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As we think about the holiday season in How the Light Gets In, we think about some of our favorite holiday gifts: books! 

Do you give books as gifts? What are some of your favorite books you’ve received as presents?

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We’ve started a great tradition with a book exchange (you know, the kind you can steal a book from someone) on Christmas Eve. People are there in person and on zoom, it can get hectic, but sooo much fun! I love to see what family members choose to read!

I always give the gift of books to my grandchildren. Last Christmas I gave them the Grisham children’s series and the Hiaasan children’s series. They have always received a book (or more), a toy and some clothes. For their birthdays this year I gave them gift cards to a book store near them so they could choose their own books or games. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Louise Penny children’s series!!

Something you want..
Something you need..
Something to wear…
Something to read!!!
We try to follow this forChristmas giving

The challenge of finding just the right book for friends and family is such fun. Sometimes the search is based on a subject and sometimes a favorite author. How rewarding to also hear feedback from others after they have read the book. I try to buy from local bookseller so the book can be returned if I didn’t hit on the right one.

From the time I was a child, my father gave me a book at Christmas. My interests varied from year to year, but he always managed to get just the right book. He instilled my love of reading from early on. My dad served in WWII and shared his love of history with me. Now I am 62, and there must be a book under the tree as a reminder of my dad! They were all precious gifts and memories.

I give books to my nieces and their children. I love to receive books. Some favorite authors are Louise Penny, Jo Nesbo, Michael Connelly, Paul Dorion, Nell Goddin, Julia Spencer-Fleming, and J Jance (to list just a few). I have expanded to many others with many ebooks authors that I would probably not seen in local bookstore. I love the emails I get from Bookbub.

Unless I give something special like a first edition to another book lover whom I know very very well, I seldom will give books as gifts. I will more likely give a gift card from a local independant bookstore if there is one around, or from a Canadian book chain, or lastly from an international book chain. Although I will always appreciate any gift, what is above would also apply for me if I happen to be the recipient of a book. I am way too fussy in my taste of books. Really awful.

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