Gamache Goes Abroad – Kingdom of the Blind

Buongiorno! This week, we find Gamache in Italy with the covers of Kingdom of the Blind. What strikes us about the Italian edition of the book is their literal interpretation of one of the opening scenes in the book, in which Gamache arrives at an abandoned farmhouse in a snowstorm. [Note from Paul Hochman: Who would have thought he’d drive a Jeep?] 

Also striking about the Italian jacket is the illustration, which we’ve yet to see from any of the other international editions. Is their illustration of Gamache how you’d picture him? 

In contrast, our US jacket takes a more abstract approach, while still evoking a wintry scene. It’s not hard to imagine that the icicles shown on the US jacket might be on a window, drawing similarities between our version and the Italian version. 

What do you think? Which jacket do you prefer? 

The illustration on the Italian jacket brings to mind a few other illustrated book covers. Does it remind you of any other covers in particular?

Discussion on “Gamache Goes Abroad – Kingdom of the Blind

  1. Carol Benes says:

    I prefer the American/Canadian book cover. The Italian version does not match my vision of what the house or Gamache looked like. I agree with those who said that Ganache looked like Peter Sellers as Inspector Clousseau in the Italian version. We all know that Seller’s portrayal of Clousseau was clownish. This is the antithesis of who Gamache is.
    I can’t wait for the latest book.

  2. Diane says:

    To me the Italian cover looks very immature ….like it is a picture book for Grade 6 or 7 . I cannot see it as a serious mystery novel . It almost has a cartoon quality to it . It would not invite me to buy the book unless I already KNEW that it would be good because I had read all the others .
    The US/Canadian cover is much more sophisticated and invites ‘ conjecture ‘ as to what we ( as readers ) are in for .

  3. Ann Zeigler says:

    What interests me is the variety of covers. I really prefer ours this time. Different cultures – sale of book in other countries. No matter, the words inside are wonderful for us all!!

  4. Lin Robinson says:

    I looked at the Italian cover and thought, Who’s the peeping Tom? Definitely not Gamache and definitely not a ramshackle house. The North Am. cover with what seems to me to be frost on a window is both visually appealing and evocative of the story.

    Thanks for showing us the variety of covers – it’s been fun

  5. Kathleen Henson says:

    I look forwArd to each new inspector gamach book. Louise penny always keeps me guessing to the end. Such a gifted author.

  6. cat says:

    I really prefer the Canada/U.S. cover, it leaves more to the frosty imagination :) The Italian cover

    Gamache does not look like I imagine him,he also looks lost and bewildered ,which is not

    Gamaches character. Looking forward to the next book!

  7. Pat says:

    Yes, it’s Clousseau! My Gamache is a little more of a hunk, just enough to match his heart throb personality. Love the wintry window that we can all peer through.

  8. Eryn Tribble says:

    The Italian option looks like a bit of a mash of several stock art clips. Just not very serious and a little choppy. I love our US covers – abstract yet beautiful. Not cheeky, garish or cheap like many other series books.

    • Eryn Tribble says:

      Plus this is indicating that Armand is the one that’s blind. Not really how the book goes! . . . .I believe the book existentially leaves the kingdom as much more broad. We are all members of that kingdom but there are a few that are a bit less so :D

  9. Michelle Penland says:

    I have always pictured Gamache as looking distinguished and wise, sort of like a slightly younger Gandolph.

  10. Joan Miller says:

    It does look like Inspector Clouseau! Oh how we miss you Peter Sellers!

  11. Sharon Westafer says:

    I always picture Gamache as looking like the current Tom Selleck. The Italian cover doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  12. Alice Briggs says:

    I much prefer the US version.
    The Italian cover looks cartoonish to me and doesn’t match with Louise’s excellent writing.

  13. Laura Strauss says:

    I prefer the American- Canadian version.
    The Italian cover looks like it belongs on a children’s book, not a Gamache mystery.
    To see a movie of what he might look like watch the movie “Still Life” available on streaming.
    The actor was not what I expected him to look like. Also I was not happy with the depiction of Ruth.

  14. Mary Casey says:

    Love this author. Cannot wait for each issue.

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