Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: Kingdom of the Blind

  1. Cedar says:

    If I had it to do over, I’d be an ethnobotonist/herbalist. If, that is, I could get over my insect phobia. So many plants are in jungles. I continue to use herbs but it’s been decades since I took a class or studied in depth.

  2. Tela Long says:

    If I had it to do over, I’d still have my son and move to Italy *as I had planned* and art/paint/stitch/create/become a nest making gypsy.

  3. Kate says:

    I’ve changed professions a few times and, like Myrna, I’d prefer the simple life over stressful work and an ostentatious lifestyle.
    A job is just a way to make money, life is to be found elsewhere. :)

    For me, an ideal job would be one that allows me time to read books, take naps, play with my bunnies in the garden, and walk along the beach.

    Maybe part-time work in a bookshop or dog grooming.

  4. Carol May says:

    I’m afraid there is nothing I would change though I have regrets – few but significant- that’s where my growth happens

  5. Kathy Robinson says:

    I would have struggled on to become a physician. But life got in the way (as it often does). I still worked in the medical field but the urge was still there. I am retired now and look back… Things turned out just fine.

  6. Kathy says:

    Archeologist, as I am fascinated by how people lived before us. It’s the layers of the dig just like the layers of a story’s characters ( both the good and bad guys) that make life so fascinating.

  7. Maureen Glynn Miller says:

    I’ve enjoyed a few wonderful, but stressful careers. I love art and eclectic gardens, so I think I’d like to try my hand with taking some art classes. In his retirement, my Dad took a Master Gardening course, and I’ve thought about that too. When I looked into the coursework and testing, I balked. I love learning, but as a retired educator, I’ve had enough testing to last until Kingdom Comes. ☮️

    • Pat McGrath says:

      Maureen: Look online for lifelong learning classes that do not require tests etc. I belong to a local Osher Lifelong Learning Institute associated with Penn State. It is great fun and I’ve met many wonderful people while learning about so many things.

  8. Pat McGrath says:

    I have always loved books and my favorite place to be was the library. I wanted to be a librarian but back in the early 60s when I asked my father if I could get an associates degree in library science he said no – you will only get married and have children so it would be a waste of money. So I never got to college but I was a library volunteer in several places I lived, often in school libraries where I loved introducing children to the books I loved as a child and they introduced me to newer authors like Judy Blume and J.K. Rowling.

  9. Liz says:

    I loved old libraries so took my kids to a small , older library in a small town named Mount Albert. I also utilized the very old circular stairs to “the stacks” for research papers at U of Toronto in 70’s.
    I’ve often thought that the gamanche series could have a character that is very subdued but she operates a spinning and knitting store but also has a keen interest in historical textile arts. I am aware of such a person that has spent many years just rediscovering ancient textiles and she has a blog and website in UK “the knitting geneologist from Yorkshire includes Brontë history via “living history of textiles, 30 books “Mary and Joan hand knitting in the Dales. I do envy her intelligence and gift to people interested in old/historical textiles!

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