Gamache Goes Abroad: All The Devils Are Here

Gamache Goes Abroad: All The Devils Are Here

In All the Devils Are Here, we find our Chief Inspector in the City of Lights. While the book is not currently being published in France, it would be remiss for us not to feature the edition made by our French-speaking amis at Flammarion Quebec.

There are many similarities to find between these two jackets. In fact, they’re almost identical: both prominently feature the Eiffel Tower – la tour Eiffel – along with the vibrant swirls of light and dark blue in the night sky.

Where the two designs diverge is the text treatment. The US version uses a teal blue color for the title, leaving Louise Penny’s name in white. The French Canadian cover also uses white for Louise’s name, but places the book’s title in a thin black font with a white background. And while the US spaces out the title and author name across the full length of the book jacket, Flammarion’s text only takes up about the top half of the image, leaving the entire bottom half of the Eiffel Tower in clear view.

What do you think? If you were a book jacket deisgner, how would you highlight the French setting of All the Devils Are Here?

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