Postcards from Three Pines: The Beautiful Mystery

The Beautiful Mystery Postcard
“Just spent a quiet night at the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac. The only sound was the monks singing Gregorian Chants. Hope I can capture this feeling of peace in the book. This really is a “beautiful mystery”.”

The abbot led the small procession, followed by Frères Simon and Charles. Then Captain Charbonneau at the head of the stretcher and Beauvoir behind. Gamache was the last to leave the abbot’s garden, closing the bookcase behind him.

They walked into the rainbow corridor. The joyful colors played on the body, and the mourners. As they arrived at the church, the rest of the community stood and filed from the benches. Joining them. Walking behind Gamache.

The abbot, Dom Philippe, began to recite a prayer. Not the rosary. Something else. And then Gamache realized the abbot wasn’t speaking. He was singing. And it wasn’t simply a prayer. It was a chant.

A Gregorian chant.

Slowly the other monks joined in and the singing swelled to fill the corridor, and join with the light. It would have been beautiful, if not for the certainty that one of the men singing the words of God, in the voice of God, was a killer.

Discussion on “Postcards from Three Pines: The Beautiful Mystery

  1. Nancy Wright says:

    This was my first Gamache book. I was hooked after the first chapter. All I could think about was finding more books by this author!

  2. Elaine says:

    This is my favorite novel, I’ve read it several times, and I have the audio book.
    Her descriptions are so vivid I can see what she is describing.

    I stayed at Holy Wisdom Monastery for several weeks and found deep piece during a difficult time in my life. I own several different CDs with chants, so deeply relaxing.

    Thank you Louise, I enjoy your books and the characters so very much. They are like old friends who come to visit once a year.

  3. Bob Dolsay says:

    This book, more than many a sermon I’ve sat through, explains the true nature of Evil. Evil is easy. Evil says “take what you need; you deserve it! What do they know”. Evil says “they call you an addict. What do they know about your pain, your suffering. Don’t listen to the ‘do-gooders’”.
    But then Louise shows us the power of unconditional love, when Gamache stares up at that plane, knowing Jean-Guy is looking down at him.
    Wow. Gives me chills just to write about it.

  4. Jannine Gamache says:

    So far, my favorite. Got hooked on these novels when a friend presented me with a copy for my birthday. She noticed that the protagonist and I share the same last name, and felt I would enjoy reading the book(s). She was so right! The Gamache’s in North America / Canada are all related, which is fascinating. I used to travel a lot, and would look in phone books, trying to find the name; there were very few to be found. I enjoy reading about Canada, and my fictitious long-lost cousin, Armand!

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