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“You feel you’re letting down a friend,” said Reine-Marie.

“Partly, but I run a bookstore,” said Myrna, looking at the row upon row of books, lining the walls and creating corridors in the open space. (The Nature of the Beast, Chapter 4)

Founded in 1998, Brome Lake Books is a little village bookstore with a lovingly curated collection of new titles and old favorites for the discerning booklover. Local authors and books on the area are featured in their own section. A special area in the bargain basement is dedicated to raising money for the community hospital through second hand book sales. Wooden shelves made by a local craftsman line the walls. Lower units in the middle of the room are fitted with casters for smooth movement along the hardwood floors (you do have to be prepared for those impromptu dance parties). Large bay windows overlook the park and the river in the heart of the loyalist village of Knowlton.

Brome Lake Books

A reading area is dedicated to Louise Penny with a little wood stove and a mantle above to display Louise’s books, Three Pines café-au-lait mugs and a decanter of licorice pipes. On the wall is a framed copy of the Three Pines Inspirational map. A braided rug made by a friend’s mother with two cozy arm chairs and a little coffee table complete the area. Lining the top of the bookshelves are samples of Louise Penny’s books in various languages.

Brome Lake Books - Three PinesOwners, husband and wife, Lucy Hoblyn and Danny McAuley may be found puttering around the store on most days. Daily they walk to work with their three year old Portuguese sheepdog, Watson, or the big hairy carpet as he is often called. Watson is the official greeter at Brome Lake Books and he has many friends that stop by for a friendly wag. Their three boys Angus (age 18), Adam (age 15) and Benjamin (age 9) have all grown up with the bookstore and have inherited a love of reading; the very best gift a parent can give.

Last April, Brome Lake Books moved into the next door building and were overwhelmed by all the generous help that they received. Thirty friends, neighbors and customers turned up to carry boxes and boxes of books and heavy shelves. A book club prepared a sumptuous picnic lunch for all to share. One of the happy helpers was none other than Louise Penny herself. Everyone was smiling and jovial then someone starting singing their A,B,C’s as it helped put the books in alphabetical order. It was a very Three Pines day.

One of the great pleasures at Brome Lake Books is having the chance to meet and correspond with the many fans of Louise Penny. Whether it be Arleen from Texas, Diana from Nova Scotia or Andrea from Australia, Louise always has the best fans. Louise inspires us to be kind, caring and thoughtful people. Her books are more about love and community than murder; more about art, poetry and food than crime. More about living than dying. Vive Gamache, Vive Louise!

“So often, a visit to a bookshop has cheered me, and reminded me that there are good things in the world.” ― Vincent van Gogh

Discussion on “Brome Lake Books / The Bookstore

  1. Anna says:

    Do you have Australian relatives Jenny? Bertenshaw is not a common name but my mum was good friends with someone of that name. If you like Louise’s work, pop into the Bistro anytime. The link is up on the right. Everyone is welcome to chat about the books or anything they like really in the spirit of the Three Pines Bistro where snuggling by the fire with a coffee and good friends is the best part of the day

  2. Kathleen says:

    It was mentioned several times that there is a map? How would I get one? Our book club is planning a tour! Thanks!

  3. Mrs Thelma Morgan says:

    I always feel happy life with a Gamache book in my hands,I have yet to read the book after The Long way home, but it won’t be long. I love them.

  4. Anne Tucker says:

    Having gone to school in the Eastern Townships for five ( Kings Hall – now combined with Bishop’s College School where my father attended in the 1890’s ), I was thrilled when my librarian daughter-in- law introduced me to Louise Penny’s Books. What a delightful, wonderful mystery series, so well written, plots that keep you wondering what will happen around the next bend, the quaint town of Three Pines and its diverse inhabitants, a joy to read. Wish your book store was closer to my home in Oklahoma. !!!!

  5. Sally Davis says:

    Can I get a copy of the Three Pines map? I’d be happy to pay for it, for postage, and for your time!
    Many thanks.

  6. Teresa McInerney says:

    I am reading Louise Penny’s newest book. I have moved into a very small cottage (downsizing) and when I walk my dog. I look at the “green” and all the houses on my street and assign to them “The Bistro,” “The B & B,” “Clara’s house,” “The Market” etc. I change them around as I can’t get my mental visuals quite right with the actual cottages on my street. Oh and we have Three pine trees on our green. I have read all of her books, have one she signed, seen her in person and when I finish the newest one, I am going to begin again. My question to you is can I possibly purchase the Three Pines map? Also, my husband (who loves her books too!) and I want to travel to the eastern district and also Quebec. We look forward to seeing your store.

  7. Debbi Schneider says:

    How do I buy the vibe gamache mugs and the price?

  8. Donna Glade-Tau says:

    Taking a road trip from Chicago with my husband and I will definitely stop in. I’m a Louise Penny and Inspector Gamache fan. Can’t wait for the next book to come out.

  9. Carolynn Kravitz says:

    I am trying to find the correct site to purchase some Three Pines merchandise, and am unsuccessful. Please help!!

    Thank you so much!!

  10. Patricia Pullano says:

    How can I purchase the Gamache mugs?

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  13. Yvonne says:

    Oh my………in your description : ” A reading area is dedicated to Louise Penny with a little wood stove and a mantle above to….” it should be MANTEL not MANTLE ( which is a garment)

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