A Return to Three Pines: The Madness of Crowds

A Return to Three Pines: The Madness of Crowds



During the early months of the pandemic, children all over the world drew rainbows to place in their windows as a sign of hope.

Did you notice these in your neighborhood?

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So many connections– Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Snowflake Bentley and Ewen Camron

I’m reading Madness a second time, because the first read-through disturbed me greatly. I love our friends in Three Pines but this speaker’s perversion of Ça Va Bien Aller just shook me to my core. In the second reading, I’m focusing on crowd mentality and how far afield good people can drift when under a devious influence. Channeling my inner Ruth to see me through.

Thank you Louise, I too think the Madness of Crowds is one of your best in the Inspector Gamache series (maybe the best!) Certainly entangled, ethically challenging, beautiful and emotional. I am in Australia so we are still going through lockdowns and restrictions because of rising cases of COVID-19 but our vaccine uptake has improved. Your post pandemic story from Three Pines highlighted for me the need to treasure and nourish kindness, forgiveness, compassion and love.

This is such a wonderful book and I also could not put it down, finishing it at 3:15 AM the other night. The ethical issues are so frighteningly close with this epidemic and the very variable public response. The rights of the individual versus the rights of the community are at odds now and described so well. Ruth’s asides are so appropriate. And as a complete change of pace, the issues and concerns about academic research and its oversight, fit in so well with the story. It is another grand success and I await next year’s book already.

Was profoundly moved by the subject matter, the issues with academic research and statistics, freedoms, rights and ethics, it was deeply disturbing and thought provoking. As a scholar in Holocaust Studies, I know how the “madness of crowds” works. Gamache ( Penny?) is a ‘righteous among the nations.’

I can not put “A Madness Of Crowds Down!”
Today, with the delta Variant sweeping through Florida and the rest of the world I yearn for the relief, the joy we had for the short reprieve.
My mantra now is “All Shall Be Well.”
Thank you and God Bless you Louise for your books. I’m grateful for you.

It was the perfect story for this time in our lives.
I loved “being back in Three Pines.” It was a compelling tale and just the right mood for the return from Paris.

Was in the hospital, recovering from minor surgery, when it arrived on my Kindle. No painkillers needed after that! Went home the next day to Three Pines and delicious hours of reading in bed. Thank you, Armand, I’m feeling much better now.

Read it as soon as it came on my Amazon pre-order. As usual, I enjoyed every sentence. Thought provoking on many levels and challenging on others. August ’22 is too far away.

I had pre-ordered the book, and read non-stop when it arrived on 8/24. I never want Louise’s books to end, and always go through withdrawal symptoms when they do. I re-read the previous books while waiting for the Madness of Crowds. It was worth waiting for!

Of course I had to stay up all night to finish it. I was so glad to be back at Three Pines among friends. Still smiling.

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