Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: The Madness of Crowds

  1. Pat Lachman says:

    Have just finished Madnesses of Crowds & sorry it ended, but this may be the best be yet!

  2. Cynthia OCONNOR says:

    Read it immediately upon release. Agree this is the best one yet!

  3. Marybeth Kantner says:

    Half way though and yes, it is one of her best. So much to think about!

  4. Eleanore Reynolds says:

    Had this book gone to print before the pandemic hit us?
    Or can Louise predict the future?

  5. Cathy B says:

    Of course I had to stay up all night to finish it. I was so glad to be back at Three Pines among friends. Still smiling.

  6. Dorothy Nichols says:

    I had pre-ordered the book, and read non-stop when it arrived on 8/24. I never want Louise’s books to end, and always go through withdrawal symptoms when they do. I re-read the previous books while waiting for the Madness of Crowds. It was worth waiting for!

  7. Mary Lane says:

    I think I will read it again. Very challenging.

  8. Fran LaChance says:

    Read it as soon as it came on my Amazon pre-order. As usual, I enjoyed every sentence. Thought provoking on many levels and challenging on others. August ’22 is too far away.

  9. Nancy Kessler says:

    Was in the hospital, recovering from minor surgery, when it arrived on my Kindle. No painkillers needed after that! Went home the next day to Three Pines and delicious hours of reading in bed. Thank you, Armand, I’m feeling much better now.

  10. Paula Shanks says:

    Congratulations! Great book. Powerful and pertinent.

  11. Jane Nolen says:

    It was the perfect story for this time in our lives.
    I loved “being back in Three Pines.” It was a compelling tale and just the right mood for the return from Paris.

  12. Susan Archer says:

    Reading sooo slowly so as to savor fully!

  13. Linda Patton says:

    Louise Penny is several orders of magnitude better than any author writing today

  14. Jeanie S Bethuy says:

    I can not put “A Madness Of Crowds Down!”
    Today, with the delta Variant sweeping through Florida and the rest of the world I yearn for the relief, the joy we had for the short reprieve.
    My mantra now is “All Shall Be Well.”
    Thank you and God Bless you Louise for your books. I’m grateful for you.

  15. Racelle Weiman says:

    Was profoundly moved by the subject matter, the issues with academic research and statistics, freedoms, rights and ethics, it was deeply disturbing and thought provoking. As a scholar in Holocaust Studies, I know how the “madness of crowds” works. Gamache ( Penny?) is a ‘righteous among the nations.’

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