Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: The Cruelest Month

  1. L. Wayne Scott says:

    Three PineS is so real that it seems like my second home. I get hungry with all the talk about food. Keep that talk going. Take good care of all my friends in Three Pines.

  2. Liz Isaacson says:

    I impatiently wait for each new book. Once I have the book and I am ready to start reading, I am transported to Three Pines and welcomed by dear old friends.
    The smell of the pines tells me that I am in an (almost) sacred place. ‘Almost sacred’ because no one or thing is intended to be perfect. I love the bistro! I hold in the smell of coffee and fresh pasties

  3. JoAnn Miller says:

    The aromas coming from the Bistro, and from all the gardens. The sifting sighing of the wind through the pines, the sound of children playing and old friends calling greetings to one another.

  4. Ruth-Ann Clurman says:

    I have planted three pines in the last two yards of our homes. It reminds me of the community described in the books. People who help each other, accept diversity and enjoy being together.

  5. Tina Zoellinger-Weeber says:

    Croissants, fresh baguette and cafè au lait. All these fragrances are wafting up to me as I am sitting and listening to a bubbling brook, reminiscent of the Bella Bella

  6. Robin J says:

    I really wish Sarah and Olivier and Gabbri would collaborate on a cookbook. Whatever Gamache story I am reading, I want to eat what is being served in Three Pines.

  7. darlene z says:

    aromas, scents, they are an enticing part of what makes these books so addictive and what puts you there. the food, the crisp winter air, the fallen leaves, the oil paint, flowers, and books. it’s such a powerful way to to make us all see three pines right in front of us as we read, and read, and reread.

  8. PL Thibodeau says:

    The smell of pines trees, rich coffee and croissants!

  9. Margot says:

    I agree with Connie- reading the Gamache books transports me to Three Pines in a very special way. As I read the place and the people become so real to me. No matter what is going on in my life I find such comfort. I believe that the sense of smell is one of the most immediate accesses to our memories and the descriptions in Louise Penny’s books touch something very deep for me.

  10. Kelley Thomason says:

    This Florida girl craves the scenery described in each of these books. I love the smells and sounds as they draw me more into the plot and add the extra goodness to each book. I’m jealous of the close friends and neat places to eat and drink. Makes me want to visit Canada! Great books and fabulous reading!!

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