Postcards from Three Pines: Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead Postcard
“Quebec City. Bitterly cold but managing to get out into this gorgeous old city, researching BURY YOUR DEAD. We’re having a blast - but man, is it cold!”

Instead of heading straight in to the Château Frontenac he decided to stroll along the Dufferin Terrace, the long wooden boardwalk that swept in front of the hotel and overlooked the St. Lawrence River. In the summer it was filled with ice cream carts and musicians and people relaxing in the pergolas. In the winter a bitter damp wind blew down the St. Lawrence River and hit pedestrians, stealing their breaths and practically peeling the skin off their faces. But still people walked along the outdoor terrasse, so remarkable was the view.

And there was another attraction. La glissade. The ice slide. Built every winter it towered above the promenade. As he turned the corner of the Château the wind hit Gamache’s face. Tears sprung to his eyes and froze. Ahead, midway along the terrasse, he could see the slide, three lanes wide with stairs cut into the snow at the side. Even on this brittle day kids were lugging their rented toboggans up the steps. In fact, the colder the day the better. The ice would be keen and the toboggans would race down the steep slope, shooting off the end. Some toboggans were going so fast and so far pedestrians on the terrasse had to leap out of their way.

As he watched he noticed it wasn’t just kids climbing to the top, but adults as well including a few young couples. It was as effective as a scary movie to get a hug, and he remembered clearly coming to the slide with Reine- Marie early in their relationship. Climbing to the top,
dragging the long toboggan with them, waiting their turn. Gamache, deathly afraid of heights, was still trying to pretend otherwise with this girl who’d stolen his heart so completely.

Discussion on “Postcards from Three Pines: Bury Your Dead

  1. Darlene mantione says:

    Love the postcards. I to love to read books set in a place that I am visiting. It makes the experience richer through your eyes and descriptions.
    I am going to Spain next, any work for gamache there?

  2. Joann Kat says:

    I have not visited Quebec City yet but certainly look forward to it. I had no idea there was a “Bury Your Dead” tour but I will most certainly be checking into it before I go! I have good friends who live in the Eastern townships and when I read your books I almost feel I am there as I have visited a number of the places you mention in your books. I look forward to your next book with great anticipation

  3. Jane Lemley says:

    I have read every one of your books as soon as they come out! I have now addicted 5 of my friends who are racing to read all the previous books before the new book comes out. Through your newsletters, I have followed your love story with Michael. My heart broke for you. My beloved stepfather died from Alzheimer’s as well and watched my Mother’s heart break a little more each day as her Norman was taken from her. God bless you and thank you for continuing your writing.

  4. Alyce Langford says:

    I so love Quebec City although I haven’t been there since I was a teenager (some time ago LOL). This is my favourite Gamache book. Aside from the story line, which is sooo good, you have really caught the city. Every time I read it, it makes me long to go back for a visit. And I will. But now I want to go in the winter!

  5. Marnie says:

    We visited Quebec City at the beginning of August. It was wonderful to see all of the sites that are mentioned in the book. Thank you for such a great story

  6. Gail says:

    I gave my husband a trip to Quebec City and Bury Your Dead tour as s gift. Loved the place and visiting the LitHis, cafe and Plains. Make the trek there if you love Louise’s books!

  7. Meredith Long-Morin says:

    I love this series and look forward to each and every post card. Thank you Louise Penny.

  8. Deanna Peters says:

    I have been to the Frontenac and have slid down that toboggan run. I love Quebec City and hope to return someday.

  9. Deborah J Duncan says:

    I admit it, I am a Gamache-aholic. Three Pines is a second home. You have made Quebec alive for fellow Canadians and around the world, Thank you Louise!

  10. Carole Butler says:

    I am from Gaspe Quebec and spent a lot of time in Quebec City. Love the city. Really enjoying your postcards and thinking back to the books I have read. Excited for your new one. I told my family that they were never to get rid of my collection of your books. I plan on being here for a long time so they will stay safe with me.

  11. Kit says:

    Love it. I LOVE your books, not only because they are Very Good, but because they also take place in My Stomping grounds… both the Eastern Townships AND the Gaspe where I have a Home

  12. Robin says:

    What a lovely memory

  13. Karen Brisbois says:

    This made me smile, We spent 6 amazing days in Quebec City one summer and would love to return in the winter just to experience the place in another season.

  14. Sharon Klein says:

    Excited ! Just won a copy of ‘Kingdom of the Blind’ on . Love to see you package the extire series of cards for sending out to fellow readers !

  15. Ceil McDonald says:

    My husband and I planned a trip to old Quebec City for July of 2014. Without knowing until we got there, it also coincided with a music festival held in the old City. We went to all the sites of the book and loved them all. Our only regret, which we hope to rectify within the next year or two, is that we weren’t there in the winter to experience the ice slide, etc.

    I love the whole series…and await with such anticipation the publication of each new book!

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