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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

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Welcome Home to the Bistro Millie! Don’t you hate it when life gets all pesky and demanding and sucks time from the important things like a coffee by the fire?
We are doing hot drinks by the fire as the wind is howling….angrily the girls said…around our building. The sun is shining so it is tempting to go out but the girls decided binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix had higher appeal. I keep thinking I need to take them out for cultural experiences rather than a tour of the shopping malls but they are so happy just being girls.
Erin got her results yesterday and she did pretty well. We have our fingers crossed as 5 pm our time she gets her Uni admission rank which will determine what course she can do. It’s very different to how college places are determined over here. All the students get a ranking against the other students. If you are number one, and there are a few in that position, you can do whatever you want wherever you want and so on down the list. Erin needs at least a 92 ranking, top is 99.95, so we are anxiously waiting. She will hopefully get a couple of bonus points as well for subject performance. It is a tense time.
Otherwise life is kicking along in DC. It will be different once her friend goes and we are living not holidaying! Mind you not a lot wrong with holidaying in your own house.
I hope all are well and happy.

Hello everyone. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Just sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way of living. Just know I think of you all often with warmth and affection. I saw a post by Louise on Facebook the other day with a picture of Klidsdale horses pulling a long wagon in Knowlton. Made me think of Billy Williams. One of the comments was a lady deciding to replicate ‘Three Pines’ with the ceramic cottages, trees and such available around Christmas time. What a great idea. I think I’ll wait till the grands are older before attempting that. They still think everything in Nana’s house is a toy. Not Three Pines! Hehehe
Hope you are all well and sending merry wishes to all.

Thanks for the tip on the Container Store Cathryne. Erin now has her laundry hamper and coat hangers and bin. I have to go back as we walked and couldn’t carry much more. I loved the containers all the storage ideas.

A parmesan cheese for my pasta Peg.
William Sonoma was visited this morning and everything ooooed over. Having lunch then back to the Container Store. Shopping area is 10 min walk from home….that may not be a good thing!

Ah – great idea, bringing Erin’s friend to help her acclimatize! I’m sure there’s so much to explore! DC is one of those places I really want to go but haven’t yet.

Yay for Wisconsin cheese! What kind? We make a LOT of different varieties here. Mozzarella is the most popular but most of it goes on pizzas of course.

Glad you all made it safe and sound, if not together.

The other thing I have is my signed copy of A Great Reckoning. Pete has been keeping it for me. So very cool. Thank you Louise

Hi Julie! Erin has a friend staying for a couple of weeks. Thought it would give her the confidence to explore a bit on her own this week. Pete is showing them the Metro system and I can cut them loose. They are at the Air and Space museum having lunch.
You are so right and cookware is high on the list of must do shopping. Have William Sonoma nearby and online shopping options which I have been browsing. There is a nearby bakery which Pete found so our priority lists do coincide. Oh and a Container Store really close Cathryne. It is like Howards Storage World which we have back in Aust. Love storage!!
So far so good!

I missed something. What girls? Is there more than Erin? Have I been living under a rock? Who are you people and how did you get into my dreams, hahahaha. I’m so glad you’re here and warm and have the wherewithal to look for hampers. (I have to admit, that this would be very far down on my “to do” list, as I’m sure you need spatulas, a good frying pan, and the knowledge of where is the best bakery. (You can see where my thoughts go when I think of the “necessities” of life, hahaha. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Hi Cathryne. Thank you for the warm thoughts…most welcome as it is about 30 F and we just went to do the grocery shopping. Lucky I have a nice new sweater to stay warm. I could have worn my new coat but I only had to go from the car to the store. Enjoyed pottering around Whole Foods for some dinner items. Still need to get to somewhere for the hampers. I will look up Container Store!
The Christmas lights I saw on the way from the airport were pretty but I think we need to go for a drive around and have a look. Too tired to do that on the way back from the Outlet mall yesterday.
I think I will hang in the Bistro today and stay warm. Pete and the girls are going to the Smithsonian I think but I need a rest! I want Erin to explore and then take me when she knows the best bits.

Yes, Anna, and hampers are important, visually as well as practically. This way you can choose. Is there a Container Store in the area? I Love Container Store.
Barbara, I hope that in the midst of your Christmas shopping you’ve found some pretty, fun things for your new bathrooms.

Upon rereading I realize that it sounds like Erin and I ran for the flight and left Peter behind. He was on a totally separate flight from Sydney to LA and was delayed in Sydney. So we’re we but only by an hour. For Pete is was several hours. Anyway we are all together now as I make lists for what we need to buy to get the apartment more homey. Some things boys don’t think about like laundry hampers…..

Anna, welcome! So glad you are all here, safe and sound. I hope Washington D. C. looks especially beautiful with all the holiday decorations.
You’ve been in my thoughts as you’ve said goodbye to family and friends and country. I hope that your dad is getting pleasure from imagining you on this wonderful adventure. And, knowing that you and your sister are closer together now!
Luckily, you have the stability of the bistro to visit whenever you need a familiar retreat in the midst of new experiences. A cup of tea, a licorice pipe, muffins, a warm fire, and a duck or a lion dog or a weasel dog for undemanding company.
Love and best thoughts. It sounds like you’ve made a great start already!

Heeelloooo everyone. Thank you for the warm welcome Barbara and Julie. It helps take the edge off the freezing cold, even though the sun is shining. Our removal arrives on Tuesday so it was off to the outlet malls for coats, sweaters and hats. Oh and warm boots. Everyone was so helpful and kind. A customer behind us in the queue gave us one of his discount vouchers so we saved another 20%.
The flight was good but Pete was delayed and missed his connection. E and I ran for ours…well walked fast. All good. Will write more when I am less jetlagged but glad to be in the same country. Love to all!

Oh, that snuck up on me! I do hope you’re here, Anna, and the long flight is behind you, and you are comfy and happy in your new digs.

Welcome to the USA, Anna and family! Don’t know if you are here yet or not and too worn out from shopping to figure the time and probability. Hope DC has her best face on.
All the best to each of you.

(I can’t believe we are in the same time zone)

Thank you Nancy. So lovely to see you. I know there are good and exciting times ahead. I am so grateful that I have wonderful friends like you all to show me how many good people there are in the world. Just feeling a bit strained by the farewells…which are delghtful and surprising but emotional.
Watching the weather and noting the Arctic freeze awaits. Looking forward to that after the humidity! A White Christmas will be quite the experience.
I tried the cartoon but it said I had to be logged in. Never mind. Thank you Peg. Is it getting chilly for you?
Merry Christmas everyone

Anna, it is indeed getting cold here in SW Wisconsin. Not ready for this but then we never are. The livestock waterers for the sheep need to be heated now, and the water dish for the outside dog and cats has to have the ice knocked out several times a day and get refilled with warm water. They can all drink from the creek but it’s nice to have something warmer than ice water available. Only one of the cats, an unneutered stray tom who has adopted us, isn’t allowed in the house. The sheeps’ coyote protection dog would be horrified to be forced into the house away from his charges. The Border collie pups like being out but prefer the house, or wherever people are.

Oh, Brrrrr, Peg! Ice water for the critters sounds so c-c-c-c-cold! We have “cold” weather here in Seattle right now – goes down to the teens at night, and not much above 40 in the day. I expect that to warm up in the next day or two. They’re calling for snow here tonight, but I’ll be surprised if we get it, and even then, it’s supposed to turn to rain overnight, so not really a problem for us.

I remember very well those cold winter days in Winnipeg, not to mention Thompson, Manitoba (halfway to the arctic circle!) So glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

Oops on the cartoon link, all. Julie is correct about it linking to MY comics collection and of course worked when I tested it. She found the main Raising Duncan link but it just goes to the current day. Select December 7 to see the FINE cartoon and my comment with it.

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