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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Discussion on “The Bistro”

With many apologies to Julie who bought it, I think I can run a free promotion on the book for a couple of days. I will do that on Wednesday North America time. Just keep an eye out for when it goes free. There canbe a delay between when I set it up and when it happens.

Anna, that sounds great! I will be watching for it. The Amazon writeup sounds quite intriguing. Then of course we need to give it honest reviews to help promote it.

Thank you Peg. If you read it and feel it warrants comment then by all means I would love a review.

I wrote the book because I had a story in my head that wouldn’t go away, characters that just kept asking to be heard. I know many people have things they have always wanted to do, write a book was mine. I have done it. Everything else is cream. In all honesty, I doubt I would have even put it out there if it wasn’t for everyone here being so kind and encouraging. I just wanted to share with you as a way of thanks.

If you have things you want to do, can I just encourage you all to have a go. Life is too short to wonder whether you can, just do. In some wys I think that was the lesson in Louise’s last book. Both Armand and Clara were stuck moving forward in their own ways. While the outcomes were unexpected, they had to find a way to move.

I will get that free thing happening.

Anna, I wouldn’t think of taking a cup of coffee for the price of the book! It was very reasonable, and I was proud to be among the first buyers! I’d love it if I was first! 😀 I am just so proud of you for doing this and learning all the new things you had to learn just to get the book up there! So far, I’ve only dipped my toe in, as I was busy all day yesterday and looks like I’ll be gone a lot of today, too. I’ve been away on a trip to Williamsburg, VA, and coming home means tons of things left undone. Hubby lives like a bear with furniture when I’m gone, so there was no food left in the house, a big mess left after he “cleaned up”, etc. I should be back to normal soon, though, and I’ll be delving into it immediately! So far, though, I’m loving the atmosphere you’ve set!

You were definitely among the first Julie. I think my husband might have been the absolute first. He is in Hawaii this week.

The book will wit for you to get your life in order! I do know what you mean about some men left to their own devices.

I am enjoying the Bistro coming to life a bit. It has been a bit quiet as we hold our breath in anticipation of the next Louise book. I have introduced a few people to Louise lately. Can you believe one is going to finish her first Penny before she reads my book!! Yeah ok. I can believe it.

Hi Millie. Welcome back. So glad you dropped in. Thank you for reading my book. It wouldn’t have happened without you.
Been at work. Now with mum. Oh dear. She wants her mother. That’s a tricky one

Hello dear ones. Anna and I kept in touch via email through one of the most difficult times of my life and helped me stay sane – my dad passed away mid December from complications of his dementia. But she encouraged me yesterday to pop to the Bistro again. “Holy Cow!” 🙂 There are 19 pages of posts. I need to catch up before contributing again but I’m so happy she nudged me, ever so gently, to ‘return to the fold’.
I must say I found her book, devoured it (because who needs sleep, right?) and will say I truly loved it. Wonderful twists and turns with lots to ponder. Wonderfully done.

Maybe I will contribute something to the LP new book synopsis. Please forgive me if someone already mentioned it already, but I wondered just the other night if the ‘child’ might be Bean???

Millie! (((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))) I’m so sorry you have been going through such troubles and yet, also glad you had Anna to talk to. It makes such a big difference. I think our Anna has a very big heart!

I never thought of Bean, and I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it – if so, I’ve put it out of my mind, hahaha. It’s been very quiet here in the Bistro, but I check in every day, and there’s often one or two comments a week right now. I think as we get closer to Louise’s next, it will pick up again.

Dear Millie…So sorry to hear about your Dad. I still miss mine and it has been 15 years next month.
Anna is a remarkable person. I appreciate the websites she connected me to also. I have missed your insights and comments. I wish I could express the depth of my feelings for those I have met here. As I mentioned before, it is not at all like me to participate in an online site. I only dared step in because I love LP’s books so much.
I’m so glad you are up to joining us here again in the Bistro. It is a very special place where warm, caring friends meet to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate good things and always offer words of support and encouragement.
Welcome back as I send caring thoughts to you.

Wow Julie, thank you. if you don’t like it I will buy you a cup of coffee by repayment! I can see my family today making the decision….do I buy coffee or Anna’s book? If I scrape up the change on the car floor or behind the lounge I can do both. I will know family!
For every one else, I think I can make it free for a short period…..sorry Julie. I have to go to work so I will figure that tonight. The formatting didn’t work as well I would like nor the hyperlinks from the Table of Contents. I did follow all the suggestions but it happens. I will work on that.

Momentous news. The book, I mean my book, has been sent to Kindle and will go live in 12-24 hours. I couldn’t figure out how to make it free. I also don’t want to hijack this site at all as this is Louise’s Bistro. But it was because of Louise and all of you that the book came into being and so I want you to be able to see it if you wish.
Its called The Cove. I will try and figure out how to make it free and let you know if I can.
Thank you all. This is a big and scary day. If you do read it please be kind. It feels like a small and vulnerable child that I have produced.

Oh, how excited you must be, Anna! Sending your child off into the big world is scary, but I’m sure it will turn out so very well for you. I’m heading off to look for it now…

It’s there, it’s there! I’ve got it on my Kindle now… can’t wait to read it. Why do I have to have so many errands today? Rats, hahaha.

Thank you Paul. You can take a lot of credit. The book club and the Bistro were the main reason it happened. Of course Louise inspired all but we are so grateful for what you have made happen. Did you know you would be changing lives? Well you have. Hugs for you in a big way Paul.

And science confirms what you already knew. Well done.

I am making a big push to finish my book edit. I am not just teasing. I should have news for you soon. This is very nerve wracking but exciting. My daughter designed the book cover for me. I am working out how to hyperlink chapter headings to the table of contents! I have to develop many new talents.

Oh, I KNEW I was doing something right, hahaha. Though I don’t knit, I do lots of other needlework. I’ve actually heard that knitting can put you in a Zen state because once you really get into a rhythm, you can free your mind for other things…

Hi Sonia.
The audio books are available on Amazon to buy as CDs. Any computer device can dowload the Kindle software for free and you can then buy Kindle books if you need to. It is useful if you are traveling or need to enlarge the font size. You can also download Audible from Amazon. It’s a subscription service but you can purchase audio books through it and cancel the subscription at any time. These are just some options to keep in mind.
Most of us love having print copies of Louise’s books but it isn’t always practical. I became interested in her books while on a cruise ship and the little shop on board didn’t stock her books. They did have Internet so I was able to buy the Kindle versions. I obviously have no will power because I coul not wait to keep reading!

Hi, Sonia – welcome! I think that all of Louise’s books are available on tape, all with the same great voice speaking them. Sadly, Ralph Cosham passed away late last year, so a new actor is being sought to read the books now. I know that others have mentioned how beautifully he read the books – I haven’t heard them myself. But you ought to be able to find them all so far, very readily. They are wonderful, aren’t they?

I have enjoyed the 6 out of all the Three Pines books, they have not been in sequence. My first one was “How the light gets in” and it got me hooked. I find the books interesting and really love the comedic dialogues. I would like to see all of them on books on tape, it is easier for some of us. I do not do Kindle so the actual DVDs are great. Keep writing them.

There are a lot of links to different videos and this audio on Louise’s website as well. I always find her a joy to listen to, very practical and down to earth, very us and so inspirational. More so because she doesn’t set out to be, she doesn’t hail herself as a guru. She is simply a thoughtful and remarkable person.

I am not sure if we have had this link before, and hopefully it works, but it is an audio interview with Louise. I hadn’t listened to it previously and I apologise if someone else posted it and this is a repeat but it had loads of insight into her work. Maybe the newbies or floaters who visit will enjoy too.


Thanks, Anna – this was very interesting. It also opened up a You-tube page with lots and lots of interviews and things with Louise, that I will have to work my way through. The speakers on my computer are terrible, so often I can’t hear them properly, but there are a few that are plenty loud enough, and this was one!

I have visions of lurking evil like the Hadley House but wonder if this evil will have a physical presence!

We have been crying out for more Ruth backstory. Looks like we were heard.

Now its even harder to wait. Not sure I should be wishing this year away even faster as it is flying by already.

It sounds wonderful!!!! What more could we want? Placed in Three Pines with Ruth playing an important role. I’m searching my brain to try to think of some tie-in from another book. A book far back I think. Thanks LP, Can’t wait.

Thank you Paul, for posting this link. I couldn’t get it to work from Louise’s blog or from typing it out and was SO frustrated that I wouldn’t be able to read it. But, this worked! Now I’m in the loop!

I am more than anxious to read it, but I will be patient. This is new territory! It seems to me that you have come amazingly far already.

That’s a thought Cathryne. I can actually develop the characters more and see if that changes how I perceive them in the original story. I imagine they become more limber over time, less stiff. They don’t feel stiff per se but even thinking about the second story they are becoming more known to me. Mind you part of the attraction of reading a series is watching the characters grow and change so not sure I would alter too much in the first book but I do like how you are thinking. I am in no rush but I do want to fulfill my promises to let you, the team, see it. I think it is wonderful that you are inspiring.

I think that’s a great idea. I remember Louise saying that when she finally got an agent the first thing she had to do was to have three books written so they could be shopped to publishers. I think that would allow for lots of story development and character development to be fully underway while it can still be edited…

Anna, maybe you will actually BE more ready to complete the editing on your first book when you have written the second. Interesting idea, anyway.

One more day for the synopsis.

Yes, I like my childhood self. It’s good to remember that childhood wasn’t all beer and skittles though. Helps me when my daughter has a bad day. The dramas of youth were so huge when they happened. Mind you, with what I know now, I would gladly deal with some of those rather than the politics of adulthood! Other things not so much. Do remember how cruel kids could be? I think Stephen King remembers the fears of childhood as that comes across in some of his books. And in mine.

Editing on my novel has slowed as the new one I want to write seems more exciting than the hard work. If I had a way to show you all, but not the whole world my book, I would use it. I have shown a couple of people and they enjoyed it. In many ways that is mission complete….wrote a book and it was read and enjoyed. All else is cream

Anna – that’s the thing to hold onto – that you have accomplished the goal already – written a book, had it read and enjoyed by people! There has to be a way to put it up online in a private forum that can only be read by those invited. Of course, you’d need to trust all those you invited…

Thanks Julie. It would basically be you guys. I am sure there is a way but still thinking. If I put a link here then anyone can access. Maybe password protected with a the password a clue from a Louise book……mmmmm…….bit like a treasure hunt!

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