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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Discussion on “The Bistro”

I’m giggling. I see you have already noticed what I meant by “there are no off topics among friends. Good for you jumping right in. Well, our dear Anna probably won’t want to respond to your question about her book. She’s terribly shy about it and still feels it’s too ‘off topic’, so I’ll respond for her because we are very proud of her. She says Louise’s books inspired her to attempt to write her own and received much encouragement from people here. As you can tell, those who have had an opportunity to finish it absolutely love it. Be forewarned tho, the setting is in a little coastal village in Australia, so the spelling is a bit different for some words. Other than that, if you love Louise’s books I’m pretty sure you’ll also like Anna’s. Enjoy!

Thank you Millie, going to look up for Anna’s book. I have read books from an Australian writer Kerry Greenwood and her writing is very different but I enjoyed them.
Going off line, what a nice way to end my evening. Bonsoir mes dames.

Hi Gigi. You will find a very friendly bunch here who are happy to chat at almost any hour. Because i live on the other side of the world I can keep the night owls company.

I did write a book. If you are looking for something to while away the days until The Nature of the Beast please give it a try. Its called The Cove by Anna Leavy. Unfortunately it is only on Kindle so you will need the Kindle app to read it. I have not mastered all other forms of selling but Kindle was a way to show it to my friends here in the Bistro.

Another good way to fill time is to read over the discussions from the previous books. They are all archived and accessible through the links on the right side of the page. I don’t know if people still make comment over there as we have continued on here in The Bistro but feel free to ask questions or make any comments you want. Of course, starting Monday there will be new discussions on the places that have inspired the Three Pines books. I think you will love that.

Welcome to “the Bistro”, Gigi! How wonderful to have met Louise in person. And what a wonderful story you shared. So glad you did. You will find this little corner to be full of kind hearted, warm and caring people who love chatting about the things that interest us at any given moment. So don’t be too disconcerted if you find the topic changes seem “off topic.” I remember feeling very awkward at first and was told, “there are no ‘off topics’ among friends.” The other bit of very helpful info I received was to scroll up or back once in a while. Sometimes people comment right underneath and it’s easy to miss the new comments.
I hope you feel as welcome as we feel ‘at home’ here. Please keep us posted on the new adventures you find along the way.

I have just been asked by my company to retire. Sad, but not totally true, since I am far from being ready for retirement. Just another chapter and new opportunity waiting around the corner. I did promise my husband to take some time to smell the roses since I forgot to do it for far too long. This is my first time to write a comment, so please be patient with me. I had the pleasure to meet and speak with Louise in Quebec City for a murder mystery weekend where her book was being featured as the topic for murder. Great weekend and would recommend it. What a wonderful lady you are Louise: funny, genuine and a person you wish you had as a friend. I also met Louise again at a book event in Oakville Ontario a few years ago. Each year I wait for the next book of Louise Penny and always purchase it on the first day of it’s release on my Kobo. I have signed books from Louise in my library. I read on my Kobo each night, when I wait for my turn at the doctor’s office, or when I go home to see my dentist who is in Coaticook. Crazy I know, but it gives me a excuse to go home and visit my brother in Sherbrooke and go to North Hatley to purchase a few more nice glasses on the second floor of the grocery store “Le Baron” and visit the little shops.
When a book from Louise is released it is always a new surprise and treasure. If Three Pines really existed, I imagine it would be like North Hatley. This little town has changed since the wonderful Hatley Inn burned down, struggling, but it is still a wonderful place to visit each time I go home. I drive up the hill where the Inn was and with a heavy heart I wish it was still there, what a great place it was to stay. If I was rich, I would buy the land and rebuild that wonderful Inn just the way it was and would ask Louise to write a new book about it.
I picked up a brick from the debris of the Inn’s sidewalk and put it in my garden with a piece of the white ramp which I will bring back with me when I return home for good in the Eastern Townships. I have lived in Ontario for the last 30 years, but home will always be home, and I may be back sooner than planned. But you never know what life brings your way. Enough of this for now, I wish Louise, you would release a new book every 6 months. A year is a very long time to wait for the next Gamache adventure. I love to read about Gamache and his relationship with Jean-Guy (please never separate these two it would never be the same). Will Gamache ever again be part of La Surete? I enjoy reading about the places featured in Louise’s books which take place in Quebec: St Benoit Du Lac, Quebec City etc. This is just to say that Louise is one of my favorite authors. What am I saying? She is my favorite author. Recently I purchased the mug, coaster and books from the bookstore Louise recommended in Lac Brome; nice little corner with the fireplace, great idea. Hope I did ok for my first try at posting a comment. Next time I will write in French since I will always be a little Quebecoise first and love la belle province de Quebec, there is no place like it anywhere. “A bientot” and happy reading for the next book of our dear author Louise Penny. Un beau bonjour a Louise. Gigi

Welcome Gigi. Sad about your retirement if you were not ready but how wonderful that you see it as an opportunity. You just never know what awaits.

I think we all find it a long time between books from Louise but we are lucky she has produced them so regularly so it is hard to complain. Especially as she has so many challenges and demands on her time. I am sure we are all grateful she has time to write at all.

I am quite envious you have been able to meet Louise and visit the bookstore in Lac Brome. They are on my to visit list!

We look forward to your next comment….my french is awful so you may have to provide a translation!

Dear Anna, so nice of you to reply to my comment. Did not know what to expect. What a great way to connect with new people. I really love all Louise’s books and I am very grateful for them as you said with all her challenges and dear Michael, what an amazing couple. She deserves all the very best.
I was reading some of the comments and saw that you wrote a book, what is the title and where can I buy it?
Wishing you ladies all the very best and thank you Anna for connecting with me. Gigi

How do you find these things? You always amaze. And if I stopped to proof read everything before posting I just wouldn’t post.

Interesting report on the Quais du Polar. It doesn’t mention Louise and the Art but there was an interesting comment at the bottom in the comments section. According to the report, the French love crime fiction but particularly in hard copy, not e book. The comment at the bottome says that crime fiction is something you read and then pass on. Me thinks she hasn’t read Louise Penny. Do you think that comment is true generally of crime fixtion? Is it just Louise that is different!


I’ll have to read it again to properly give credit to who said what, but has the person who said they had only seen lines like that at Disneyland ever attend an annual Washington, DC book fair? Me thinks not!

Oh wow. I have a feeling I will be attending a DC book fair some time in the near future! Something else to add to the “to do” list. Thanks Millie

You’re welcome Anna. I wouldn’t worry too much. Master Paul gave it his blessing. And I’m pretty sure there will be a separate page for Beast discussion. I hope you stop feeling you are ‘just filler’ because you are such an important part of ‘The Bistro’!

And thanks for the new link. I’ll certainly check it out.

While you are waiting for part of Millie’s comment on DSPD here is a couple of links. Insomnia tools are very helpful with this problem if used consistently as they address the sleep shift question. Cold and dark are what you need for sleep. Not so easy if you live in warmer climes!

This article is by a Psycholgist who is a sleep specialist. She has lots of books on Amazon. I don’t know them and haven’t read them but they could be worth checking out. Her advice is very consistent with what most specialists say. You have to be consistent, move in increments, cut down the light you are exposed to at night and up what you are exposed to in the morning.


There is no light here this morning. It is bucketing rain and very very gloomy. It’s amazing I am awake at all!

Um….guys….I don’t know what to say. Thank you Millie for the offer to start a discussion page and thank you Paul for saying we don’t have to go anywhere. I am inordinately pleased and surprised that you all enjoyed The Cove. I am just so wary of taking attention from Louise in any way. I am trying to see it as a filler while we wait for the next book. But I don’t want to put off any new visitors who haven’t been along for the whole journey and who pop in now with the excitement of The Nature of The Beast and then get confused as to what we are talking about. Please know newcomers we are always happy to talk Three Pines!!

For example….Jane….do you need to be filled in on a Jean Guy or have you started at the beginning?

For those of us who have been here for many months we just have loads of things we are chatting about while we potter by the fireplace. I am speechless and proud that my book is one of those things. It really does belong to the Bistro.

I feel the same way, Barbara, BTW, did “Part 2” of the DSPD info show up yet?
Oh, and take a peek at my comment to your post about sleeping: pg22, 4th from bottom up!

I can’t believe how much I have learned about things I didn’t even know about. I never dreamed I would meet such wonderful and caring people when we started the reread. I just loved the books and wanted to discuss them with others who felt the same. This group means so much to me. Thanks to all of you.

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder 2
Another section of an email Anna sent me which was very helpful.

The following is a complex article from a Psychiatry journal but it shows some of the strategies including bright light therapy, avoiding evening light, gradual time shifting. I would seek a sleep specialist who understands the problem. Sleeping pills are not usually effective unless used in combination with other techniques and only for short periods as a confidence builder that sleep can be achieved.


The point is there are techniques that do work if applied appropriately and consistently. The syndrome is most often seen in adolescents and hormonal changes are again the problem. Hysterectomy can cause abrupt hormonal change similar but opposite to adolescence. Just know there are potential solutions. You may not want a complete time shift but even midnight to eight as a sleep period might work better for you.


Julie, (and Barbara?) DSPD, part 1.
Here’s some info about Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) as promised. But it may take several posts! Lol… Like you, I love the extra daylight to MY “day”. I just want to cry some winter evenings when it’s ready dark when I wake up. But unlike you my hubby still works and most get up by 5am so that means he’s exhausted by 10pm. 🙁 And when I’m ready to think about a light lunch he’s so ready for dinner! Argh… But he’s such a dear and tells me, “sleep when you can…” It does however put a crimp on spending time with him during the weekends. Sleeping in for him is waking up at 7am! We have a year pass to Universal Studios (which includes Harry Potter World! I’ve only managed to go 2 times, and I love it!) Our two sons helped with the ‘guilt’ by saying “morning is 4 hours long minimum from the time you wake up. 🙂
When I first mentioned to Anna that I was desperately trying to get to a more ‘normal’ sleep cycle so I could ‘get out more’ and mentioned I had DSPD but I didn’t hold much hope because I was told there was no known way to reverse it, this was her first response: “For Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, there are methods that they use but I don’t know if you have tried them… consistently? There are simple sleep shift techniques, use of a light box and melatonin. Have you got a sleep specialist?”

Sleep specialist? There are a lot of those around here but usually they specialize in pulmonary aspects such as sleep apnea. So I started asking around and finally told to call our med insurance and request a specialist in DSPD! (My doctor didn’t know much about it and asked if I wanted sleeping pills. No thank you. I sleep just fine when I finally DO fall asleep. So the search has begun. I love how quick Insurance companies are to charge bundles for a bandaid but so slow providing info.

BTW, Barbara, DSPD, is very different from insomnia. That ‘problem’ doesn’t include waking up feeling rested when allowed to sleep on one’s own rhythm. And you said you were allowed to sleep at your own rhythm during summer… You may not have insomnia at all. More to follow…

Not sure part 2 is showing up yet, my screen says, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” It is long and has lots of links. Patience is a virtue…

Oh, Barbara, you are so very welcome but I’m thrilled we can do it here! And I’m pretty sure Anna will be too. As she keeps saying, her book wouldn’t have come to be without the support of this wonderful group….

Millie, Thank you for your offer to set up a Yahoo Group. People like me have no “tech savvy” and must rely on others. It’s great Paul said we could use this site. It did play an important role in Anna writing her book. Things just get better and better.

The Bistro is for all topics! Let’s keep the discussions here.

“The Real Places of Three Pines” will have their own pages for discussion.

Paul, you are a sweetheart! How generous, warm and accepting of you to allow the Bistro to accept discussion of the book of one of its own dearly loved members. Thank you ever so much.

Oh Barbara, I was thinking the same thing: so many topics to be discussed! Yet the Bistro is technically for Louise’s books. And next week we start the adventure of discovering the places that inspired her. I’m not sure if that will be here or if separate ‘sections’ will be created as for her different books.

I don’t know how to create a page like this one, but I do know how to create a Yahoo Group page. I even was asked to be group moderator for a very large home sewing machine embroidery group. Then, as the members got to know each other and started to get way off topic I created a new group for the members to go to and off topic their hearts out…
It’s not hard, and one can follow threads of thoughts, search by member or topic for their comments… opt to get notifications of new comments by email as they posted, or get a daily summary of posts, or just visit the site. It’s actually pretty cool!

If Anna and others here are interested, and Paul is OK with it too, I’d be happy to set it up.

Anna, I just finished The Cove. Egads! What a story. My eyes were glued to the screen. I’m going to start the reread Monday, if I can wait. Like Nancy said… are you sure this is your first book. You must continue to write. The story keeps pulling the reader back. Just to think you did this on your own. No professional editor sorting things out or making suggestions. My heart is still racing. Wow! So many topics to be discussed.

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