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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Discussion on “The Bistro”

Paul Hochman, any idea when the book discussion page will be available? Soon? Maybe? The wait is almost as hard as waiting for the book, which is extraordinary.

BTW, Bistro friends, if you haven’t checked out the latest ‘Real Places of Three Pines’ it’s ‘Myrna’s bookstore inspiration. The write up is terrific. It sounds just like what you’d find inThree Pines!

Thank you, Paul. The caveat is a tough one. Would it be better to just wait, since so much would be a potential spoiler?

Julie, are you back from your trip? I’ve missed you! I found something you might like while looking at a Diana Gabaldon post – a tee shirt printed with 40 thousand words of Pride and Prejudice: litographs.com
Search tees. I don’t wear tees or I’d get one. It’s beautiful.

Hi, Millie – sorry to keep you wondering… I got back on Monday as expected, but was so afraid of reading spoilers, or even being urged on to finish the book faster, that I stayed away. Finished it last night. OMG! It was powerful – I think we are now beginning to build toward another great suspenseful showdown…

I’m most intrigued by the “tiny mistake”. I certainly didn’t notice anything… and now I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!! Hahahahahaha.

Millie – those t-shirts are very cool – I might think about getting a tote – the Tees have too tight a neck for me – I need a boatneck, or I feel strangled. I love that idea, though!

Hi to all Three Piners! Had a great time listening to Louise in Pittsburgh! She was a delight and very appreciative of all her fans. My daughter and I sat front row,center! After speaking and answering questions, she signed books for all 600 of us! Louise and I had a lovely chat about Alzheimers and its far reaching effects. My life is richer for knowing her and her wonderful characters! I marathon read TNOTB Sunday, and now am going over it slowly, absorbing and savoring every word and emotion! I think I caught the mistake , Maday! The depth of emotions from Armand are heart wrenching!

Sounds like you had an amazing time Amy, how wonderful. Louise must have an amazing amount of energy to sign 600 books!
Alzheimers is a disease like a boulder in a pond….the ripples are large and spreading. I find the isolation aspect the hardest, both for the patient and those who love them. I so admire Louise and her ability to take her husband on holidays and still maintain her life. I am sure it isn’t easy.

Wonderful new read. Interesting new directions. I too enjoyed that it was based on a true story.

I’ll be interested to see if anyone else catches the tiny mistake.

How exciting Amy. Do have a good time and I envy you….the book is still in front of you. I know that sounds strange but it is so much fun to read a new story for the first time. You will enjoy it. settle in with your favourite beverage and snacks because you won’t want to stop.

Oh, I knew it was good I didn’t stop in here at the Bistro until I had finished reading TNOTB! It was delicious, and I wanted to savor it – I made it last for days and days… read a little at a time, got to wondering and thinking, and then saved the rest for another day… I don’t know how I did it, but I’m glad I did. Sad it’s over now, though. Now we have to wait for an ENTIRE YEAR for the next one! In fact, the next one isn’t even WRITTEN yet, though we get regular updates on how it’s going on Louise’s FB.

I didn’t want to read any spoilers, which is why I didn’t come and read sooner – and so I won’t give any spoilers, either, until it’s time to really discuss the book. Yes, I see a few new directions things can go in.. some great, some good for Armand, though not for us, and some really great for all of us (yes, please – let’s have those).

Millie, my ball gown is going to be so beautiful. I had wanted an underdress that was quite plain with a frothy, lacy overdress. I found what looked like the perfect fabric online at a very good price, and my dressmaker agreed that it would be perfect, but of course, when you order from online, you don’t know for sure that it will feel and drape right – it’s not the same as seeing it in a store and being able to handle it before you buy it. So we waited with bated breath while it came and………. it’s GORGEOUS! It’s wonderful, and I’m so very excited. She’s working on it now, and I expect to have a final fitting in a week or a little more, and then she’ll finish it up by the end of September – just in time!

My map arrived the other day – I was surprised that there weren’t any little labels to say which house was whose… There are two that I think one of them must be the Gamaches’ house and I can’t think for the world of me who lives next door to them! I hope I’ve figured out accurately which is Clara’s and therefore, which is Jane’s. That gives me Ruth’s. Who am I missing? I don’t think we’ve ever been given the site of M. Beliveau’s home, but I think we’d know if he lived next door to the Gamache’s? And of those two houses, both have porches – one is larger – yet I had always thought of the Gamache house as small – not much more than a cottage. So, I’m still a little confused. They have highlighted several houses, and I think it’s just to show us the fronts of some of the important houses because other important houses are not highlighted…

The map is just as it’s shown in previews of it (in case some are still waiting for theirs), and I would love to have it colored, so am contemplating coloring mine in… I think a fairly light touch with the color – and will make a photocopy first and see how that works out for color before I put pen to paper on the actual map.

Hi to all! Have not yet started TNOTB; going to Pittsburgh tomorrow to hear Louise and receive my copy! Can’t wait to spend all day Sunday reading! It will be very tempting to start Friday night but I must be patient! Good things come to those who wait! Happy reading everyone!

It’s magnificent and terrifying, yet full of hope and I absolutely loved it. It wrenched every possible emotion from me. Now, I need a slower re-read. Maybe then I’ll find words to describe my feelings for this is a masterpiece with many layers.

Amazing! Great book. A beginning of a new story arc I think.

Most amazing thing….it’s based on a true story!

You read it in five hours?!?!? I’m a much slower reader. Brown (UPS) hasn’t even gotten to my house yet. Testament to how excited I am, I woke up really early (for me), by 10:30! If Louise had a chapter a day out, I might become a morning person again. lol.

I had a ‘senior moment’! It came via regular post so who knows how long it was sitting in my mailbox! Duh…

Thanks to Millie reminding me, I have TNOTB! It’s already the 25th in Australia! As the torrential rain and gales pour down outside I am about to start reading. I almost don’t want to because I don’t want it to be over. I know once I start it will go all too quickly.

You’re welcome! Think of it as the beginning of a new garden of cosmic speculation! I’m so looking forward to people’s insights and thoughts. Actually, I can’t wait to read it! So excited. So impatient. Enjoy.

Anna, Hope your Dad is much improved. Sam and his brother have gone to visit their Mother. She continues to fall. An alarm sounds when she gets out of bed or her chair. She falls when she stands so it has already happened when an attendant arrives. I hope they don’t complain again as there is only one sure remedy. I know they don’t want her restrained. At least I don’t. She fell so many times when she lived with her daughter but that didn’t seem to worry them.

Thanks Barbara. Dad is much improved. He just keeps bouncing back!

Good to hear Sam is mobile but not so good about his mother. You are correct though, falls are a tough one to prevent without being super restrictive.

Good luck with Windows. I have an Erin, my daughter. She is the solution to all problems technological. She just set up my new Mac and dads new Mac. Not sure if she is as PC savvy but she is pretty good.

Funny, I was using my new fancy food processor last night and Erin wasn’t home. Took my brother and I, five degrees between us in science, a bit of work to get the processor going. Erin normally sets it up for me!

Thanks Barbara, I think I do. She is about to go to the city with my brother in torrential rain so feeling a bit anxious! Weather appalling here.

Installed windows 10. Another bad idea. The bear is back to driving and walking as he wishes. Whatever. Would like to comment on posts but must figure the widows 10 out.

Hi Barbara. Glad to hear your bear’s surgery went well and he’s getting around on his own. Be gentle with yourself as you figure out the new update. I find learning new versions one of the most frustrating things around. Once one gets comfortable and feels confident and competent, they pull the rug out from under you.

I’m in somewhat the same boat – but mine is a switch from PC to Apple. I just have to remind myself it took me years to get good at using Windows XP. Yep, that old. Knew all the tricks. Now I feel like a newbie all over again. It’s takes time but I’m sure we’ll get there. I won’t be throwing away the ‘Switching from PC to Mac’ book any time soon!

Just lost long post about finding new homes for books. I’ve sold them at yard sales for $1 or less, given them to the Library, the VA Hospital, Kroc Center, Ethnic museums, Goodwill for sale in their book store, etc. I have many of my Uncle’s books still. My sister has 500+ books that were her husband’s. Many of my Uncle’s books had to be recycled….mold, mildew and attic storage had ruined them. How many books had to find a home when my Mother-in-law left her home? NONE. Oh, they did have Bible.

I’m sorry Barbara, but I actually snorted when I read your last few lines. Are you sure you weren’t describing my own Mother-in-law? The irony is she taught reading her entire career as a grade school teacher. May she rest in peace…

I agree with Millie – the approach I’ve taken is to only keep books that are important to me now. My goal is to not have any books in the house that I don’t love, but that will take a long time to achieve as my old philosophy was that books were “sacred” and you have to keep them, hahaha. I’ve donated a lot, but any that I think will be of interest to someone, I have on a list with Paperback swap club – so if someone wants to read them, I can send them to their new homes, and get points with which to “buy” other books that I only intend to read once and then put back on the list to swap. In a few years, I’ll have a small bookcase with these books in it, my Kindle, and one whole room full of important books – mostly about needlework.

I’m off this morning to Utah for a week’s worth of needlework classes – so I won’t be checking in until after I return home, next Monday. I’ll miss the first flurry of excitement over TNOTB, here in the Bistro, but I’ll be reading, as it will be delivered to my Kindle as soon as it’s ready. See you all soon!

I haven’t even gotten to the needlework books! And their magazines! Heaven help me. Lol

You’ll be missed, but have a wonderful time!

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