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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Discussion on “The Bistro”

Just finished glass houses. So comforted getting back to 3 pines. Thrown off by a couple of things. What was the criminal importance in the trial of the bat being removed and returned to the root cellar? I realize its importance in helping reveal the existence of another door which could be used for transporting drugs and its connection to prohibition history.

The significance was that the bat was not there when Reine-Marie found the body, so there was no murder weapon at the scene. It later reappeared, tipping the Surete off that someone had returned the bat using a secret door, but Gamache didn’t want the drug cartel to know they had found out about the secret door because the cartel thought he was unaware that they were using the chapel and the secret door to transport drugs through Three Pines. To keep the cartel from finding out that the Surete was onto them, he lied on the witness stand (committed perjury) and said that the bat was there when the body was found. I believe the bat belonged to Anton, but had Jaqueline’s DNA on it too because she used it to kill Katie in hopes of framing him.

Did I read about a watermelon salad served in the bistro?
If so, can someone remind me where I’d read that?
Watermelon and…?

I’ve found ‘Nature of the Feast’ and didn’t see a watermelon salad; can’t imagine where else I’d have seen since it mentioned as I’ve been reading Louise Penny’s ‘Chief Inspector Gamache Series’, non-stop for days…
Next is ‘A Great Reckoning’, only two after that and I am concerned.
Will there be another book in 2018?
I feel a bit like a ‘Myrna’; I’ve gobbled up these books like cashews…

Hi Chandra,

I have been binge reading the series this summer and thoroughly enjoying it! I think I recall Reine Marie making a watermelon, feta and – either mint or arugula – salad. It may have been in A Great Reckoning or The Nature of the Beast. I hope this helps a little! (and of course there’s always the chance I have everything jumbled up since I’m reading them so quickly!)


I just finished Glass Houses and I do not recall if it is mentionned why the bat was returned ito the root cellar and whose prints where found on it. Can anyone enlightn me?

Hello, I will be visiting eastern Canada from Australia later this year and would love to know where I can buy some liquorice pipes – does anyone know please? I will be in Montreal and then Quebec City.

I am soon to order the newest Gamache series book. I have to double check, as O believe I may have preordered through Amazon a few weeks ago.

This is a test. Today is July 1, 2018. I’m leaving a comment I believe “at the bottom” where I’ve been told I’m in The Bistro. Am I? The last post I see above this one is dated October 8, 2014. I’m a little confused. Please advise.

Hi Connie, The most recent page is 138 I think. Hi, Paul. Good to know you are still here. Will you have any special “insights” for LP’s next book ? How embarrassing, I can’t remember the Title. I’m one of the older fans….. both in reading LP’s books and in age, so things happen.

Good to hear from you Barbara. Glad you are ok. Keep us posted on what is happening.

As for the question on Jean-Guy, I hadn’t really noticed but I will look.

Julie, Anna, Peg, Cathryne and Millie. I can’t get into my email and have now messed up husband’s. Just hoping one of you might look here. I guess we will have to use snail mail.
Will explain all later.

Barbara, I haven’t checked this site for a long time, but i’m glad I checked it today! Here you are! I’ve been concerned. I’ll put out the word. I’m technically challenged but some are not. Hope you are well, not counting email @#$&*()&$#@* craziness.

Oh, Barbara – how awful. Technology is just wonderful until it isn’t and then it really lets us down! I hope things can get back to normal soon. Let us know if you really do want to use snail mail – we can get our addresses to you…

Barbara, thank goodness Cathryne checked in here, found your message, and sounded the alarm! Glad you’re okay!

Hi All,
I have enjoyed reading your many comments. I have a question of my own:
Why is Jean Guy sometimes referred to by his first name and sometimes by his last name? Do you think LP is conflicted about his closeness to the Gamache family?

Suniti, that’s an interesting question. Now I will have to look for a pattern through the books. I hope that someone who is reading or rereading the series right now will keep the question in mind. It’s something to think about when we read the new book, too! I would enjoy rereading all the books before Nov. so i’ll keep it in mind.

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I have noticed there have been no comments since 2014. I am posting on Dec10. 2017. I am in the middle of my second goround. I am paying more attention to the description of Three Pines and am so thankful for the map of the little town. Seeing the map brings everyone’s houses into
perspective. Thank You who ever talked the publishers into printing the map. I had seen it a while back and called Broome Lake Books only to be told it was a marketing promo and they were not able to get them. And Then Voila! So Merci Merci Merci. I love all things Three Pines and was lucky enough to see Louise this last summer in Santa Cruz. She is even better in person. What a lovely sense of humor she has. Cannot wait for the next installment.

I’m so glad you got a map, Sharon! I love mine too and refer to it. I would love to have a discussion about locations as I still have some questions… some I feel sure about, a few, like Ruth, I wonder about. I have decided on a location for her but still feel some confusion. Maybe i’m just being too literal.

How wonderful; there’s a map!
Any possibility of a link for that please?

Feeling somewhat anxious as I near the end of this marvelous series…looking forward to news of titles after ‘Kingdom of the Blind’.

Hmmm – could it be the part where Ruth has been talking to the archangel Michael? Otherwise, I can’t think what it would be, either. Maybe there is the sense that mysterious things are happening – like the baseball bat suddenly reappearing, that would give that feeling, but of course, could be explained very easily. And there was something right at the end about meeting the Crown prosecutor in that little Cafe on the east coast – I think maybe in New Brunswick? where Gamache talked to Jesus – the lemon meringue pie story? But that is something that was originally in another book (the Brutal Telling, I think, or it might have been The Long Way Home) and was just referenced this time…

Hi, Trish. Cathryne, I’m glad you mentioned not noticing a supernatural feeling. I didn’t either, but I was too silly or proud say so. Thank goodness I’m not always so foolish.
Would some one who felt it explain? That is if you can. Sometimes I just “feel” something but can not even begin to explain. Of course, it may be that I was reading too fast to notice any nuances. I have slowed down the reading of LP’s books through the years, but it’s hard to remember to slow down because I am always so anxious to know what comes next.

I have been confused by references to a supernatural element which some people said they didn’t like. I didn’t feel there was a supernatural element. All I can think of is the Cobrador but the Cobrador was not supernatural. Any thoughts?

Hi, Tish – we have begun a discussion that hasn’t had much traction as yet – not quite sure why… But do jump in – a new prospective will no doubt spark some new comments and thoughts. We started on page 135 toward the bottom… and I, for one, would love to talk more about the book!

is there a discussion of Glass Houses? I truly love Ruth and her Duck! And Ruth’s holding Lacoste’s hand is beautiful!

Oh – I knew Lucifer was a fallen angel, but I thought somehow, so was Michael. I had no idea about him being Jesus. I know Millie has some thoughts on this, and would love to have more information…

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