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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Discussion on “The Bistro”

I love the book series and I’m reading the Madness of Crowds right now in boiling hot sunny south Florida, it’s taking my mind off the overwhelming humidity reading about the snow and the freezing temperatures. Wish I was in Three Pines now

Just started the series, trying to read in order of the story arc. At conclusion of THE LONG WAY HOME, first chapter of A GREAT RECKONING is offered as next in the series. But every story arc I’ve found shows THE NATURE OF THE BEAST as being next in the series. Which one should I read next?

I’ve read them all and wait but not patiently for the next. I find that finishing each book makes me feel like a good friend has moved away and for a while other books are difficult to get into. Hurry Louise! I’m waiting!

The books are listed in order in the FAQs at http://www.louisepenny.com. along with a slew of handy resources. Including a pronunciation guide. They are best read in order. Note that some have different titles for US, Canada and UK markets. I love this series!

I read that Alfred Molina will play the part of Gamache…..I do like him so am hoping he can do it, anybody know who might be the rest of the cast?

I think George Clooney would make a marvelous Gamache! So would Russell Crowe!
would you like some other suggestions?
I am full of them.
Juliet Binoche as Madame Gamache!

I was vacationing in VT years ago on my own and needed a new investigative book to read. I went to the Stowe bookstore and happened upon an intriguing titled book called A Beautiful Mystery. I went back to my hotel and began reading. After the fourth chapter I got back in my car and returned to the bookstore and asked to buy every other book by Louise Penny that they had in stock.
I have been singing her praises ever dance She is a wonder and writes so beautifully!! I cannot wait for her 17th book to come out.

I wanted to know if the Bistro discussion is still going on. It was wonderful to read the posts and to share the wonder and joy of these cherished books.

Looking for some clarification. The characters of Mark and Carol (son and mother who had the old Hatley House) seemed to completely disappear after Bury the Dead, while Dominique remains. What happened to them, and how did I miss that! Anyone, please?

In Glass Houses Stephen Horowitz mentions 3 children, but in Devils it sounds as though he has none. Or did I misunderstand?

In All the Devils are Here, L.Penny on page 438 of Acknowledgments, states “Lessons learned. Children erased.”

Apparently, she felt that listing that Horowitz had three children sort of have too much detail and perhaps limited where she could take the longer storyline. At least that’s how I received it.

So it was an error. You are not mistaken.

I have Just finished the last book. I am sad that there is not a “next” to look for.

Somehow I missed what happened to Clara’s husband, Peter. I remember the summer cottage and his family. I think Peter killed a family member. Is he in prison? Does he communicate with anyone?

Peter is last seen in Book 10, The Long Way Home. I am happy to tell you what happened to him but I don’t want to spoil it if you missed that one!

Hi there I’m just wondering if anyone has managed to figure out how Jacqueline managed to walk through the village and back with the bloody bat (as the implication is that she took it with her then panicked and replaced it) and how she got Anton’s prints all over it? This is an odd omission on Louise’s part, as she is usually meticulous about explaining such crucial plot points in the big reveal!

I’m about halfway through the series and keep reading reference to the factory when. Jean Guy is supposedly left for dead. I can’t remember which book this was in.

Margaret Brenneman, Gracie appeared first in Chapter 16, “The Great Reckoning”.
I hope we get to see her in “All the Devils Are Here”.

I just finished reading A Rule Against Murder. I enjoyed it immensely. However, I didn’t find an explanation as to how Julia was killed by the statue of her father. How did the killer actually perform the feat? I know the statue was rigged with sugar to roll off the pedestal, but how did the killer know when Julia would be at the statue and how did he topple the statue? Many thanks for your response.

I found red and black licorice pipes, no embers from Donny at Old-time Candy online. They are very tasty. Just started Ganache series in January. No clue why it took ten years to start it. Two books to go. Great series.

Perhaps it this question has been addressed already:
Who writes “Ruth’s” poetry? I love it and find it and all of Gamache’s wisdom! Really Louise ‘s wisdom. Thank you so much. A second reading/listening is helping me through the Pandemic. I hope all in and of Three Pines are well.

I just found these discussions on the Gamache series in Three Pines just today. I have read almost every book so far from the beginning of the first book, I did go thru a period of ill health for 2 years, which means I missed those books from 2015-2017. So those would be the years I have to catch up on. I am doing a little investigating, but I love the Bistro and Gabri and Oliver and of course our dear Ruth…

I have been assigned by my book group to ask a question about Kingdom of the Blind. Some thought that Gamache set Amelia up to be back on the street in order to stop the drug trafficking. Others thought she relapsed on her own and he simply used that as an opportunity knowing she would lead him to where he needed to go. We are asking if it is one or the other?

Gamache actually gave Amalia the assignment to track down the drug traffickers; they were in cahoots. She did not relapse on her own; the pusher who was doing his own drug tests on users administered the drug to Amelia which is why she found the tattoo on her arm. Gamache had Amelia watched for her protection while she was on the streets.

I am re reading the book, it has been a long time between readings and I am inclined to agree that Gamache set up the situation to have Amelia on the streets seeking the drugs. This is her hood and she knows better than anyone how to locate the drugs if anyone can. And I read on enjoying the tension in every page.

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