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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

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I had an interesting Three Pines-ish experience with our two Border collie pups this morning. They are litter brothers and 3 1/2 months old. I put my backpack and a bag with work stuff on the porch and went back in the house to get my water bottle. I came back out and the bag with work stuff was gone. The pups had dragged it away and everything was scattered around. One was trying to open a yogurt carton from my lunch.

The only thing left in the bag was the copy of Still Life for the start of my reread of the series. I told Chip (Paul’s pup) he was a good boy since he didn’t hurt the book and the yogurt carton wasn’t damaged. His brother Dale (my pup) was watching and I expect he was the one that started the trouble. I recovered everything okay and put the bags in the car. Won’t make that mistake again. Could have been worse!

We had a huge old maple tree in the yard to the west of the house – right where any bad winds would push it on the old part of the house, porch, and and front door. Finally took all the limbs off a few years ago and just the trunk is left for the birds. What a relief.

Yikes – trees can cause so much damage, and there’s often no way to tell which way they’ll fall! If one is leaning, it ought to be cut down, but of course, there are probably others that don’t show any signs of doing anything. Watching and hoping this storm mainly passes you by, Barbara. Millie, if you’ve evacuated, then you probably can’t hope for the same… Let’s just hope the damage is not very much, and that you’ll soon be heading home to find all is okay. At least we know you will be okay – it’s smart to get away when you can.

Trees are scary. We had one fall down at our last house and two here. One was small so no problem but the other was actually a huge part of a nigh ours tree.
I hope everyone stays safe. This is certainly a major weather event and I am following it as best I can. Best wishes to you and Carol.

I’ve watched the weather channel on and off today. I realized this afternoon Millie would have to evacuate. We may get high enough gusts to bring down more of the older trees. A tree fell early in the Summer at Carol’s causing damage to the fence and destroying a storage building. Another fell from the same neighbor’s yard two weeks ago. She had to have the limbs removed. I looked today and another tree is leaning and will fall if there is much wind. It looks like it might fall in its own yard. A young family with a baby are renting as the owners had to go to a nursing home. The law considers a tree falling to be an “Act of God” and where it falls that property owner is responsible for the damage. The property owners behind Carol need to attend to their trees I think.
We may have some flooding in the low lying areas as usual but not much.
I feel so sorry for the people of Haiti. They have nothing and keep being damaged by storms.

To add to the drama in Millie’s life she sent a very quick note to say they are evacuating. Holding her in our thoughts and prayers. You too Barbara. Not sure if the storm will cross your path but it is supposed to hit Georgia too. I am glad Pete is on the other side of the country and heading home for a week.

Oh, Millie, I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope that they are able to quickly resolve it. I can certainly relate – I know for sure some day I’ll not really “have” my eyes anymore, and it’s one thing to know and have lots of time to prepare, and another thing to suddenly be plunged into this situation!

Speaking of Matthew, Barbara – are you anywhere in it’s path? I hope not – I know it’s mostly coastal regions, and I have a feeling (based on who knows what?) that you are more inland in Georgia… I expect maybe some wind and rain but nothing dire, but you never know with these storms… How I’d like to shake the members of Congress who have said there is no such thing as global warming! I can’t believe they really think we get “the storm of the century” every few years, but it’s business as usual!

Millie wants me to tell you all that she is thinking of you but she has had eye complications after her surgery and she can not use the computer for a while. I told her we would be thinking of her and sending healing thoughts.

She talks about the process Gamache goes through of What Next which we relate to strongly in this house currently. She also talks about where the character of Amelia comes from.

Julie, I think you are right. It is an unusual situation. LP has been so forthcoming and has shared Michael’s journey with us. Her beautiful words touch us because they come from her heart.
I do hope that some who have entered into the discussion will again. I enjoy seeing, that while we read the same words, sometimes another person can see an event from an entirely different aspect. I learn so much that way and it is fun too.

Barbara, so glad you are here – never meaning that you must feel compelled to post when you’re not “feeling it” – just happy to have you seated here by the fire with us. I, too, have wondered why more people have not been discussing AGR. I can almost see that since we all know each other here, they may be put off, but not on the other page Paul put up special for discussion. I halfway wondered if people didn’t feel like talking because they are wanting to be respectful of Michael’s death. In which case, I’ve been hoping it will pick up in a week or so…

The newsletter was amazing for its honesty and love. Not many people can open their heart, so raw with grieving, and share so beautifully so that others can understand. Holding Louise in our thoughts always.
I am not sure why others don’t join in. If they are elsewhere then I am glad they are enjoying AGR.
Back from Hawaii Barbara. It was a quick but lovely trip. We did little other than swim, shop for Erin’s formal dress and enjoy good food and company. I may have bought a dress and new swim suits as well but the sales drew me in.
We loved seeing Pete after four months apart. He is coming home next week for a longer visit.
Erin is back into study and has a friend arriving shortly to do physics so best I start my day.

I have dropped into the Bistro often in the past weeks. I go back and read old posts and Anna’s stories. I’ve enjoyed them again. I haven’t been quite up to posting myself.
I don’t understand why more people haven’t joined in the book discussion. I looked forward to those who have joined in the discussion of previous books to enter in again.
I haven’t been able to locate the posting that gave the link to another site a reader had set up. I wondered if people were discussing AGR on that site.
I really Liked AGR and will try to discuss some of it later.
Hope you are enjoying Hawaii, Anna.
How kind you are, Julie, to help your Friend.
Good thoughts to all.

What a good idea, Anna! I’ll pass it along to Angela. Just yesterday, new symptoms which of course, might not even be related, have arisen – very bad nosebleeds on a day when she awoke feeling worse than she ever had, almost unable to move her arm, as it just dangled uselessly by her side. Another friend has said these are two warning signs of leukemia, and I am certainly hoping that’s not the case, but I have long harbored the fear that this is something very bad. For now, though, Angela has been relieved of a lot of her worry, and is now cloud 9 for awhile.

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