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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Discussion on “The Bistro”

Julie, very interesting. Women are the nurturers. We try to create safe havens for our family and friends so it makes sense to me that some female authors would do the same for their readers. Except Diana Gabaldon – her prose is beautiful but must admit her detailed description of how the revolutionary war affected the main characters got very tiring for me.

So is it the generation, or the writer? Thanks for something to ponder as we clean up the yards of palm fronds. 😉

What great news, Millie – safe and sound, all of you, including your homes! As I was reading Anna’s note about the Bistro being a haven from all the “real” in the world, I was reminded of something that Jane Austen scholars talk about quite a lot. The fact that there is never any mention of war (beyond a vague reference such as the “bounty” in Persuasion, and the presence of officers encamped nearby, but never in any danger of having to fight in Pride and Prejudice) in her books, yet the Napoleonic wars were going on all the time she was writing her books which are always assumed to be set in her present. We often wonder if women were shielded from it all, but in reality, Jane had at least two brothers who were sailors and involved in fighting, and Jane corresponded with both during their service and was more than informed on what was going on. Did she want to create a safe haven for her heroines? I’d like to think so.

Thanks Anna. I’m right there with you about our ever-safe haven. But we’re home safe, the house is safe and sound, and have power and water. Very strict building codes here for which I’m very grateful. I’d love to write more but I’m so tired… More tomorrow. Blessings and love to all.

Thank goodness Millie that you and your whole family, including your son, are safe. I am very glad you evacuated and even more glad that you can return. Fingers crossed for a life that returns to some sense of normality as soon as possible.
Hasn’t it been a crazy year. So many ups and downs and life twisting events. I am so glad that when the world goes pear shaped the Bistro is always an oasis of peace and calm. Something to be said for a virtual place that can never be affected by storms or hardships, where the fire never goes out and the refreshments neverending. I wasn’t one for living in virtual spaces before but this one is a blessing. The best thing is, no matter where you are in the world, your friends are right with you.

On our way home. My son is safe and sound as is his family and home. Yay. Hopeing to find our home AOK, but have 3 hours or more depending on traffic.

I can’t thank you all enough for your outpouring of support and love. It means a lot.

Thanks a lot for the book suggestion, Cathryne. Will download it as soon as we get home.

More later, typing with one finger on a phone in a moving vehicle is harder than I thought. lol

It is wonderful to know you are safe Millie. I am very sad about your eyes but remain hopeful some treatment will be of benefit. You have an amazing attitude and I do hope you can feel our love and support.

I meant to ask about the “new” reader for Gamache books. I think he started with TNOTB? Has he lived up to Ralph Cosham? Or as best anyone can?

Oh, Millie – this is terrible news! I didn’t realize there was nothing they could do to fix it. While you’re still seeing well, you should get some voice-enabled things for your computer experience. I know the voice recognition stuff on my phone and Kindle are amazingly good. And there ought to be very affordable text-to-speech software available too – probably just apps you’d download to a smart phone. Getting things in place and getting familiar with them will probably help transitions when the time comes – just as you say about being used to audio books.

I know that I, too, am grateful to Paul for the Bistro and all of you who come in to take a seat by the fire (This Bistro is magical in that we can ALL have a seat by the fire, no matter how many we are). Keep coming in and keeping us up to date, Millie…

Millie, I’m so glad you posted and that you are safe. I’ve been thinking about you as I’ve watched the storm coverage.

“Freaking out moment” indeed. Calmer, sad, mad, disappointed.
Next, amazing woman, looking at what you are grateful for and enjoying the small wonderful moments through each day. And, of course, granddaughters, those beautiful pansy faces. Thank heavens for hands and fingers to feel the soft curves of smiles, frowns, and funny faces. And to feel and wipe tears.

I don’t want to minimize your situation, but I do hope the doctors can slow the progression from rapid to as slow as possible.

Yes, audible books! It does take time to get used to listening, nice to already be there. I have listened to A Great Reckoning four times now (!) and I have read it once, the first time. I’m listening to the new Tana French book, The Trespasser, right now. It’s very engrossing, almost enough to blot out a hurricane! The reader is quite wonderful.

I send my best thoughts, hugs and hand-holding during this hard time. I hope you are in a comfortable, even interesting place as you wait out the storm.

Hello everyone, we are safe in Southwest FL. A friend of Mike’s coworker lives in our area so keeping us informed of conditions around home. All’s well. Kennedy Space Center is AOK, too. Just waiting for bridges to reopen to the barrier islands so we can go home to life as normal. 😀
Sorry the weather reports have scared so many people. Ratings seem more important than truth I guess. My mom, in CA, was frantic. Poor thing…

As for my eyes, one day I’m seeing better than since I was 12, the next week… WTF??? The blood veins to my eyes are getting blocked so not enough oxygen to some areas which have lost vision already. No known cure but they can try to slow its rapid progression. I’m really glad I already am used to audio books. After my initial freaking out moment, I’m calmer.
Incredibly sad but resigned.

Trying to be grateful for all the wonders I have seen, especially my granddaughters. Stay positive and enjoy all the little things we usually take for granted.
That’s all I can manage for now.

Except a special THANK YOU, PAUL for enriching our lives by creating a space where new friendships were born.

Much love and gratitude to all.

Cute story Peg. Good pups for not touching the book.
Following news and weather and thinking of everyone in Mathew’s path. Millie said she evacuated and would try and let us know but no word yet. It meant she didn’t get treatment for her eyes sadly.

I had an interesting Three Pines-ish experience with our two Border collie pups this morning. They are litter brothers and 3 1/2 months old. I put my backpack and a bag with work stuff on the porch and went back in the house to get my water bottle. I came back out and the bag with work stuff was gone. The pups had dragged it away and everything was scattered around. One was trying to open a yogurt carton from my lunch.

The only thing left in the bag was the copy of Still Life for the start of my reread of the series. I told Chip (Paul’s pup) he was a good boy since he didn’t hurt the book and the yogurt carton wasn’t damaged. His brother Dale (my pup) was watching and I expect he was the one that started the trouble. I recovered everything okay and put the bags in the car. Won’t make that mistake again. Could have been worse!

We had a huge old maple tree in the yard to the west of the house – right where any bad winds would push it on the old part of the house, porch, and and front door. Finally took all the limbs off a few years ago and just the trunk is left for the birds. What a relief.

Yikes – trees can cause so much damage, and there’s often no way to tell which way they’ll fall! If one is leaning, it ought to be cut down, but of course, there are probably others that don’t show any signs of doing anything. Watching and hoping this storm mainly passes you by, Barbara. Millie, if you’ve evacuated, then you probably can’t hope for the same… Let’s just hope the damage is not very much, and that you’ll soon be heading home to find all is okay. At least we know you will be okay – it’s smart to get away when you can.

Trees are scary. We had one fall down at our last house and two here. One was small so no problem but the other was actually a huge part of a nigh ours tree.
I hope everyone stays safe. This is certainly a major weather event and I am following it as best I can. Best wishes to you and Carol.

I’ve watched the weather channel on and off today. I realized this afternoon Millie would have to evacuate. We may get high enough gusts to bring down more of the older trees. A tree fell early in the Summer at Carol’s causing damage to the fence and destroying a storage building. Another fell from the same neighbor’s yard two weeks ago. She had to have the limbs removed. I looked today and another tree is leaning and will fall if there is much wind. It looks like it might fall in its own yard. A young family with a baby are renting as the owners had to go to a nursing home. The law considers a tree falling to be an “Act of God” and where it falls that property owner is responsible for the damage. The property owners behind Carol need to attend to their trees I think.
We may have some flooding in the low lying areas as usual but not much.
I feel so sorry for the people of Haiti. They have nothing and keep being damaged by storms.

To add to the drama in Millie’s life she sent a very quick note to say they are evacuating. Holding her in our thoughts and prayers. You too Barbara. Not sure if the storm will cross your path but it is supposed to hit Georgia too. I am glad Pete is on the other side of the country and heading home for a week.

Oh, Millie, I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope that they are able to quickly resolve it. I can certainly relate – I know for sure some day I’ll not really “have” my eyes anymore, and it’s one thing to know and have lots of time to prepare, and another thing to suddenly be plunged into this situation!

Speaking of Matthew, Barbara – are you anywhere in it’s path? I hope not – I know it’s mostly coastal regions, and I have a feeling (based on who knows what?) that you are more inland in Georgia… I expect maybe some wind and rain but nothing dire, but you never know with these storms… How I’d like to shake the members of Congress who have said there is no such thing as global warming! I can’t believe they really think we get “the storm of the century” every few years, but it’s business as usual!

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