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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

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Happy Christmas Eve to you and yours, Anna !
I’m leaving the house in a few minutes in short sleeves. No snow for us.
Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Hanukkah begins at sundown also. The story of Hanukkah is one of my favorite Old Testament stories.
Peace to our world.

But Barbara, I’m scared whatever mangled words I produce will be less benign that calling the night a fruit.
Guess what I am doing….sitting outside the Chateau looking out over the ice flows in the river about to taste maple taffy!
The old town is gorgeous and just as wonderful as you imagine and Louise described. I am a little overwhelmed to take it all in and sticky with taffy!

I know what you mean about the clothing Julie. Pete is sweltering at Montreal airport in a Tshirt. I was hot there too. Made it to Quebec and Pete will be along in a couple of hours. It was interesting watching Erin’s reaction to landing in a Francophone territory. Canada is bilingual but the difference is French being the main language. It is different when the conversation begins in French before the speaker quickly realises you are hopeless at French and switches gears smoothly to English. I am glad there are so many different languages in the world and different cultures. Makes life interesting if occasionally challenging. I am trying to speak French garbled though it is. I am just too slow.
The other thing that makes me laugh is that of course Quebec City is a city, not just the Old town world of Bury Your Dead. But driving through the ‘regular’ town makes the world Louise created seem like a movie set. See how I feel when I have actually been to the Old part of town!

I’d missed Paul’s post and yours. Thanks for sending me to look for it. Paul – I am very envious, even though I know that sometimes, old buildings are not the most comfortable, but it’s such an icon. I’d feel special every day!

Hahaha – you’ll be surprised, Anna! People in Canada have very warm coats and boots, etc. – but they go out in -15 without a second thought. When I lived in Winnipeg, it wasn’t unusual to have a lot of late December and January temperatures be -40 through the morning commute. You might warm up to -30 by 4 p.m., when the sun went down and the temps plummeted again. But it didn’t keep anyone home. You will find some funny anomalies – inside places are over-heated to the extent that most people think that in winter, you ought to be able to wear just a short-sleeved t-shirt inside, so most houses are heated to about 75 degrees. So the difference between indoors and outdoors is phenomenal, and I’ve never noticed people “layering” their clothing in Canada – it’s always light indoor clothing and then a heavy, heavy coat. It took me awhile to get used to indoor temps here in the US. I hope you have a great time, no matter the temperature.

No snow in DC at the moment. If you look online temps seem quite mild but chilly when the wind blows. Still is a far cry from the predicted temps in Quebec on Christmas day. What does one do when it is -15 C. Stay indoors and hit the spa I am guessing.

There’s no snow in DC? I’m surprised, because of all they said was going on on the East coast! I think of DC as in the “thick” of all that. Though it’s also REALLY kind of in Virginia, which is kind of southern. Quebec City will be wonderful. Lots of Louise Penny things to do there! If you get to the His and Lit, let us know…

Thanks for the warning Nancy. We are flying tomorrow if my cold lets up. I have had the sinus pain that comes with flying with a cold and last night was a savage reminder of what can transpire. So lots of work on the congestion today. We are looking forward to snow.

Sadly only Quebec City this trip Definitely plans afoot to get to the Townships and the Manor at a future date. Still it is the land of Bury Your Dead.
My toe is definitely sore so hopefully not much walking tomorrow and my acres boots are big and comfy so they should be fine in the snow of Quebec. Thank you Cathryne…very important days.
Speaking of which, how the Christmas plans coming along people??

Just to let you know, Anna, it’s snowing out there today (in Montreal) and the temperature is right around freezing. Bing Crosby type of day. Just be careful driving…or are you flying?

So exciting, Anna! In the meantime, plan an all-out campaign to heal and protect your toe. These are critical times.

Right, I have made it home…limping on my sore toe (I should listen to you and me Julie). A brief respite then off to Louise’s country!!

Darn. I did want to blow Paul a kiss but I didn’t get that far downtown today. The girls snd Pete have great photos of the sunset from the top of the Empire State today. We go home tomorrow but we will be back. I still have half the Met to see and a lot else besides!
I did know better about the boots but they are good for my feet apart from one little toe so I took a gamble! At least my arches are happy.

Back at ya Paul. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as you say here. Next time I get to NY I will definitely do a run past and blow kisses. Xxx

Ok. Made it to Montreal Airport. Deaf in one ear but otherwise ok. Very pretty with snow all around. Do you live here Nancy?
The day has not been without more travel drama. Peter will join us late tonight after staying behind to take care of Erin’s friend who has only just left DC. She should have been home by now. Long story. Fingers crossed she makes it for Christmas Day ok.

Ouch – Anna, I could have told you not to wear new boots in NYC. I did the same thing when we went to visit, and I had no idea the amount of walking there is to do. The first day, when I got home, I had the largest blister I’d ever seen on my heel, and it took a lot of wrapping and taking it easy for the rest of the vacation. We’d had reservations to have dinner and dance at the Rainbow Room, and we had to put that off until our last day in hopes that the blister would be better by then (it was). I loved, loved, loved my time in NYC (I’m sure I’ve told you all that before, hahaha). Have a great time – take the bus downtown to pass by the flat-iron building and blow a kiss to Paul at Minotaur! (at least, I hope you get to work in that iconic building, Paul – I remember Louise saying her publishers’ offices are there).

Thanks Cathryne. I will have a look at the book. You could stay at the Wellington Hotel. Its only two blocks from the Park. We went to MOMA this morning which is a short walk away. I must say I prefer the Met but there is a lot of iconic art at MOMA. Love Starry Night and Erin has been a Warhol fan since first grade. After lunch Pete took the girls to the Bryant Park Christmas Village and they are up the Empre State. I have had a rest this afternoon. New boots have rubbed one toe and even blister bandages haven’t helped. Small price for all the fun.

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