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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Discussion on “The Bistro”

Pete and I were talking about whether there would be a book tour. I wondered if it might be more extensive given she doesn’t have the same limitations. Would that be tiresome for Louise or maybe she will love the freedom to see some different places.
You sound excited Cathryne and I am too. Yes the title does make it so real. It is like naming the baby..they become a person.
I too shall order the kindle copy and then buy a real one. It can go on the bookcases Erin and Pete just put together. So much for not buying too many books. I have three on the go at least. I must promise not to start anything new until I finish one but they all quite solid reads.

Me too. It’s such an evocative title. I feel like it will be something to do with an accusation… that will be the downfall of the accuser. I hope it’s not anyone we love. And of course, it gives us no clue whatsoever as to what Gamache might be doing now.

I pre-ordered my Kindle copy (as I must start reading at midnight the “night before” the release) but if Louise comes here on the book tour, I’ll buy a “real” copy as well, so I can meet her. I am hoping that she will be ready to travel by then and work at a book tour, though I’d totally understand if she’d be remembering the times she traveled with Michael and not feel up to it.

Last time when she also released a few pages, I didn’t read them, because I didn’t think I could stand not being able to read on… don’t know how I will react this time, hahaha.

Hi Anna and Barbara,
I love the title, Glass Houses, it has such possibilities. Knowing the title makes the new book feel real. And imagining the manuscript making its way to the editors in the mail always makes me smile and see it in my mind. Now we’re talking! And, of course, I’m always thrilled to hear about the editors’ use of superlatives!
Did I say I love the title? Yes, I did and I do!

No throwing stones then!
I don’t think it is strange to worry particularly about Ruth and the animals…they are probably the most vulnerable characters, possibly followed by Jean-Guy.

Glass Houses. A world of possibilities there. I wonder if we will learn that some or one of the usual group of characters has a deep dark secret ? The reveal of that secret may be prompted by a new character’s secret.
I hope Ruth and Rosa are well and the Gamaches’ dog. I’m afraid that my lack of caffeine is telling. I must be strange, the first characters that pop in my mind….Ruth, Rosa and dog. My Petey is napping in my lap as he does every AM. Maybe, that explains it.

After the name reveal, sometimes there’s a few paragraphs teased, or the cover art… sometimes that gives you a hint.

Hahahahaha – yes, I think it’d record it for posterity, but it all sounds a bit creepy, doesn’t it? Still… it’s interesting to try to think who would provide a good conversation and get along well. There was a time in my life when I’d have loved to have dinner with someone like Andre in “My Dinner with Andre”, but that time has passed – now he just seems pompous and self-involved… but thinking of that movie, Wallace Shawn is someone who would undoubtedly have lots of good conversation to share…

You make me laugh Cathryne. She can just record the whole event on a video cam or iPad and we can all watch! Actually that sounds a bit creepy but it would be good to be a fly on the wall. Apart from Louise I had to think about who I would want. Michelle Obama would be one. She could bring Barack but I would like to talk to her. I am not sure who else…they have to be warm and interesting and fun to be around.

There’s that old game where you say who you’d like to invite to dinner – living or dead, is usually how it goes, and of course, dead leaves things wide open. I would invite Anne Hathaway (not the living actor, but the long-dead wife of Shakespeare), don’t think I would go back so far as Socrates, et al, but Anne will need a date, so, just to be wicked (and to find out a thing or two) Christopher Marlowe, Paul Newman (yep, that one), and Louise. What a lively round table that would give you!

I remember HRC wrote to Louise after Michael’s passing. I am glad she is a fan…it says good things about HRC that she is a Three Piner. And absolutely Cathryne…what great fun for Hillary to meet Louise! I would be so excited. I think Louise would be great to have to dinner. She is so warm and funny. In fact she would elevate any occasion while keeping it grounded at the same time.

Barbara, can’t remember where I read this several years ago, but I think HRC is a also a great fan of our wonderful LP and her Chief Inspector Gamache series.

I like writing at night but I have been too tired lately. No good reason for that. I think I am getting lazy!
I would miss the people and the feel of Three Pines if it wasn’t included. Besides it is the home of the Gamaches now so surely it would get a look in for that reason alone.

It is – and I do hope at least part of the time, we’re in Three Pines. Otherwise, it would be hard to work the other characters in… and I would miss them. I find it so interesting to read of Louise’s process – not to mention her discipline – getting up so early to write in the early morning would be very difficult for me (in fact, if I were in the same position of having to care for someone in the regular daylight hours) I’d have to work at night. That would suit me better anyway.

I agree Julie. I would like to see Reine Marie have a role to play. She has a lot to give I think. I dare say she will be doing some grand mothering though.
I can’t see Gamache staying at the Academy too long but I think Louise can set the story anywhere and we will be happy. It is just nice to speculate.

I can’t remember exactly why, but I got the impression that Gamache had never planned to stay longer than one year – that he was there to root out the bad and that once that was done, he’d be free to look at other opportunities… I still would love to see them (he and Reine Marie) go somewhere that allows her to pursue some dreams. Of course, there will be murder there…

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