Gamache Series Open Discussion

Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Paul Hochman

Discussion on “Gamache Series Open Discussion

  1. Anna says:

    Exactly Peg!
    Happy Birthday Julie. I hope it is sweet and special!!

  2. Julie Buck says:

    It was lovely, Anna! We went to afternoon tea, which is my FAVORITE! So fun to see my friends and chat the afternoon away. That TED talk was excellent – I love the whole vulnerability thing and the idea that you can feel WORTHY of love and acceptance. That’s a huge concept.

  3. Anna says:

    Glad you had a lovely time. Afternoon tea is such a wonderful concept.
    There is a follow up talk on Youtube where she talks about her vulnerability hangover after giving that talk. So funny and true. The whole,” did I say too much, how could I have told them about my breakdown!” We can all relate

  4. Julie Buck says:

    Oh, boy, can I relate to that! I always say things that I later regret – often because I “over share”…

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Julie. Wow afternoon tea. So special for a special lady.
    Tues. I discovered that the freezer had stopped working several days before as everything was thawed. Petey alerted me by going to the freezer door and sniffing. Almost every item was in a freezer ziploc bags so that helped cut down on the mess. Most of the items were meat. I’m glad I had not bought the food for Labor Day yet. I almost did. Everything went to the garbage and was carried away Fri AM. Including the old freezer. The same thing happened to friends last month. The wife took care of everything ( I think some of the grandsons helped.) including buying a new freezer. Sam was great working with me and trying to keep me calm. I did stay calm. Gold star for me. We are not getting another freezer as I don’t really need one. I have a tendency to overbuy. If something is on sale, it will be again and even if it isn’t just buy it anyway if it is wanted.
    Another crises survived.
    I can’t believe AGR will be out next week.
    New laptop hasn’t arrived even though we were notified by email that it shipped last Tues. Patience Barbara, Patience.
    Hi, to all.

  6. Anna says:

    So hope the laptop shows up very soon Barbara and you have time to learn its wily ways before AGR is out. What kind did you get in the end? Maybe you said but my brain didn’t take it in.
    Really sorry about the food and the freezer but you handled it all so well. I was very impressed to hear how you held it together and just got one with the job. Well done!!
    Gosh the world has been out of control. Dad is finally back and so very grateful for it. He was tired and hungry when he got to the home but they had his lunch standing by and lots of attention. The lady from church came and gave him communion and we had a new phone for him as his had died. So his world was set to rights.
    We had spent the morning at a University Open Day but the whole thing was a bit overwhelming I think. Erin was much better once we left and she had pork buns and mango pudding for lunch. Too much noise, too many people and too real. We were all ready for bed when we come home but of course it was not possible. I did sleep in this morning though until someone came to collect yet more furniture we are selling.
    Because the elders hav been ill I am less keen on selling so soon. Think I need to keep getting ready for sale but not stress too much.

  7. Julie Buck says:

    Good for you, Barbara! I tend to panic when something like that happens because Vern is a product of the Great Depression (it must be capped like that, and I hear it in James Earl Jones’ voice – you know, Darth Vader, hahahaha). He can’t abide waste, and of course, I figure it was probably old and freezer-burnt anyway, because, like you, Barbara, I tend to over-buy. I love a full fridge and freezer, and only once have I ever really needed it. We were snowed in about 5 years ago for more than 10 days. Now, we could have gotten out in an emergency, of course, but trips to the grocery store are not really emergencies, now are they? So we ate down our larder and freezer, and I was very glad I had so much to choose from. But these days, of course, we are trying to simplify more. The same theory as the clutter – who needs all this food? We dropped our membership in Costco (I was having trouble lifting some of the large packages) and shopping more often for smaller amounts. Trying to keep only fresh things around, but of course, things get forgotten at the back of the freezer. Sometimes, I have to sneak them into the garbage so Vern doesn’t see, hahahaha. So it’s a very good thing that you have cleared all that up with a minimum of angst!

    I, too, hope the laptop arrives soon. You need to get up to speed on it before we start to discuss AGR. I can hardly wait – It’s next Tuesday it comes out, right? Which means at midnight on Monday night it will be on my Kindle. Oboyoboyoboy.

    Anna – sounds like the U. visit was awful – that’s just the kind of thing I hate – crowds and noise and jostling… I hope it will all be worth it in the end, and Erin will find just the right thing for her. Pork buns and mango sound like a great antidote! I’m glad your dad is back in familiar surroundings with all he needs around him. Did his sight come back completely? It sounds as if you got very timely help, and that makes all the difference in a stroke.

    I took a page out of your book, Anna, and made another apple pie yesterday, but I’m beginning to think I over-think the pastry. Now that I kind of know the science behind things, and after watching all the Great British Baking Show episodes, I got anxious about my pie crust, and of course, then it turned out awful – plenty of flakes, but very hard – brittle, really. The crust was overdone, and the apples weren’t cooked through really – still firm. I think I need to simplify and stop thinking about it. The very first pie I made with that recipe, I didn’t know anything about pastry, so just did what the recipe said and it was perfect! Ah well… I’ll keep working on it.

  8. Anna says:

    Funny thing Julie, I wasn’t that happy with my pastry this time. I think ambient temperature and may other things play a part. It was still better than store bought though. I always precook the apples because they too have variable cooking time and I don’t like hard apple in the pie. I do drain it now so it doesn’t bubble through the crust and wet the pastry.
    If the Kindle book comes at midnight…..I might get mine tonight! I did get it on Australian time last time so fingers crossed I will not be giving any spoilers……

    • Peg H. in Wisconsin says:

      So, Anna, best wishes for local-time Kindle delivery! I will have to wait for my library pick-up email.

      I can remember Y2K eve and Paul and I were on ham radio listening and talking to the world – we are both licensed. We talked to New Zealand and Australian hams after their midnights and the world had not gone haywire. That was a big comfort to us. Seems so trivial and long-ago now.

  9. Anna says:

    Oh Peg, well do I remember the fears of Y2K when there was concern that all the machines in the hospital would go chaotic and we slept in and had torches just in case. Nothing happened, thank goodness , but it was all an anticlimax.
    On the other hand, receiving a new Louise novel can never be an anticlimax.
    It is odd living on the other side of the world. My husband calls as he is heading to bed and I am having morning tea. Its freezing when he is sweltering. It is very topsy turvy. Actually I think we all deal with the weirdness quite well….embrace the weird I say.
    If it gets delivered tonight…will I get any sleep? Probably. I am a wee bit weary.

  10. Julie Buck says:

    Oh, Anna – how wonderful to get your book before the rest of the world! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. But no spoilers, now – I don’t want to log on tomorrow and find out the whole plot! hahahaha – I know you would NEVER do that! In about 2 weeks, I think we ought to start checking in to see if people are ready to discuss the book – maybe try for Monday, September 12? Do we want to do it in chunks like the first discussions, or all at once like the last one? Cannot WAIT – I feel like a lot of questions will be answered… of course, then there will be new questions!

  11. Julie Buck says:

    Anna – I think you’re right about temperature, humidity, etc. having a lot to do with how pastry turns out. Why can’t I try to master something easy? hahaha.

  12. Anna says:

    It has arrived. I found it at 530 am and made sure it downloaded, read the first page then had to go back to sleep for an hour. Wow, did I have some weird dreams. I just need to convince the rest of the world to give me the day off to read…..

  13. Anna says:

    Two pages read. What is it with the world today!!!

  14. Anna says:

    Can I just admit that I was a little bit scared to read AGR. The previews imply trouble for Gamache and I don’t want to see any more trouble. But then it is a murder mystery so there will be a problem for someone…

  15. Anna says:

    And so I am done. I gobbled as I knew I would once I could find the time which was initially in spurts. Sorry Erin, it was takeaway for tea and we ate it a 4 pm because I wasn’t going out again. I finished in bed with the lights out and tears in my eyes from Louise’s Acknowledgements at the end. So lovely to see Paul Hochman receive deserved thanks for creating the Virtual Bistro. Don’t we just bless him every day for that kind genius.
    So fitting, when I went into the book afraid, to read Louise’s trademark sign off…Noli timere. I try….I really try.

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