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Join us here in The Bistro for a discussion on the entire Gamache series. Feel free to ask or answer any questions about any of the books or the series as a whole.

Paul Hochman

Discussion on “Gamache Series Open Discussion

  1. Anna says:

    Pete will be there at the back end of the week, from Wednesday for a couple of days. A submarine is being decommissioned. There is a story behind it that links to Australia from WW2. Have to get Pete to tell me again as we were both a bit distracted. His computer died so he has spent today getting a new one. Sound familiar Barbara. Great story about the boxes Julie. You are so clever!
    I just sold more furniture and am discovering all sorts of household hacks. Cleaning old stickers from Erin’s desk with WD40. It isn’t perfect but it helps. Lucky I like the smell.
    Spoken to Dad twice. My brother on his way in. Nice for me not to have to do the hospital run for a change but I do miss him. Off for a coffee with a friend and to see mum. Then more cleaning up. I also manage to sort a bunch of financial stuff. No wonder I am tired!

  2. “Life rafts”. I ran into the family room and told sister about it. We both think you are very clever to have thought of it. Carol and I would have been so busy being upset about the situation we would have never have thought of making the boxes a part of the decoration for the tea party. That is the best “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” stories I have ever heard. You have given me a Life Lesson for today. I’m going to try to remember your story when the mess gets to me. Thanks.

  3. Anna, sorting financial papers and such just exhausts me. Carol just bundled up the papers and such from one aunt and took it to the accountant and said Help. He had worked with Aunt Charlcie for years so he had a better idea than anyone else would have had.
    Glad you are having success with selling things. I’m still delaying posting my ads. I did go through the leftovers from the sale in May and managed to find several bags of items for the Salvation Army. I also picked out some china teapots and such that I’m going to offer to one of the Senior clubs to raffle off at the monthly meetings. They raise money that way.

  4. Julie Buck says:

    Well, now, of course, I’m all puffed up since you think I’m so clever, Anna and Barbara! Hahaha – no worries about how long it will take to deflate me, though. My mother always used to warn us about getting “the big head”, which is what she was sure would happen if she ever praised us. Funny how that has become a running joke between me and my husband – “be careful you don’t get “the BIG head”!

    Sounds like Pete will be on or near the water at all times here, Anna, which should save him from too much heat! And even though it rains 10 months of the year, and it’s all on water everywhere, Seattle isn’t very humid in the summers, which helps quite a bit. Hopefully, he will be very comfy here. Urggghhh – when a computer dies and you NEED it for work and have to find and get one within a day, that’s enough to make a person crazy! Vern was lucky that way, as the University supplied them with computers, so he just took whatever they told him he needed. I think if he ever had to buy one he’d melt into a puddle. I know I could find something within a day, but if I have the time, I’d prefer to do more research. In general, I always have an idea of what’s the best out there right now, and I am also always thinking about what I will get “next”. I’m leaning toward a Surface Pro, which could be both full laptop and tablet for me, with lots of memory and power. Lots of people these days are combining their phone and their tablet with one of the big phones, but that screen is still too small for me, so I’ll need to combine computer and tablet. I DO think it should have a phone in it too – though I know you CAN Skype with it, so I guess that will have to do. Still – I don’t know why they don’t combine these things more. Oh, wait – I DO know – it’s because they want to sell you more things…

    Glad your brother can come and help, Anna. Sounds like you are more than busy enough as it is! And probably still finding so many things to do each day, I’m sure. Why you’re not just whimpering lump, I don’t know. I couldn’t do anything as fast as you seem to be doing it.

    Barbara, giving the Senior clubs your teapots is such a nice idea. I know that people will love to have them and they’ll raise quite a bit of money with them. I know I’d always buy a ticket or two!

    Vern’s daughter has been visiting the last few days – so nice to have her here. She did a lot of yard work while she was here, which was so nice of her. She says she loves to do it (hard to believe, but I think she likes to do something nice for her dad) We fed her up good (she’s not a cook, and neither was her mother, so she feels very pampered here, as I love to cook), and had a really good visit.

    Not too much going on with me now for awhile. Only eight more days to wait….

  5. Anna says:

    Daughter gardens and you cook Julie…win-win!
    Accept all praise I say and as you are gracious with it no Big head will ensue.
    I was a complete blubbering mess yesterday. Mum was talking about dying and seemed to think it will happen soon. I couldn’t help but sob as soon as I left her room. She was so distressed. I said lots of prayers with her and asked for the last rites just in case. Who knows when it will happen but I do think it is coming. She was upset because she doesn’t want to leave her mum and I can’t even tell her the truth or she will be more upset. Oh dear. It is a big week for me

  6. Cathryne Spencer says:

    Oh, Anna, how complicated life can get. No, I agree, you can’t tell your mom she is not with her mother. You are doing what you can. It takes a village to raise a child and we are learning that it takes a village to see a parent through the end of their life. I keep remembering the singing doctor in your book, The Cove, perfect!

    Take care of yourself, too, as you would want Erin to take care of herself if you were in your mom’s situation. Complicated but so simple and clear too. You and you family are in my heart in the hearts of many others. You are a wonderful daughter, wife, and mother. And friend. That’s been clear from the start of your warm, supportive connections with others in this special place started by Louise Penny and Paul Hochman and their teams (villages).

    Keep your eyes open for wonderful moments and be ready to be surprised by joy and I will too!

  7. Anna, What hard times. God’s Peace to you and your Mom.
    Oh, how I dread those times in life when the waters are deep and there is no way around. We just have to go through one step and one day at the times. You are in our thoughts.

  8. Julie Buck says:

    ((((((((((((Anna)))))))))) (That’s a big hug – about all I can do from so far away). I am thinking of you – such a terrible situation. The others have said it all, but I’m here, with my squeaky – “me too”…which reminds me of “Arsenic and Old Lace” – when Mortimer has finally settled that his dear old aunts will go to Happy Dale to live and keep from harming any more innocent old men. He kisses one of the aunts and other one says in the smallest voice… “me, too Mortimer”.

  9. Anna says:

    You are all so amazing to say just the right things. Of course I am all teary but you give me the strength to pick my feet up and brave the deep waters. Great analogy Barbara. That is exactly how it feels.
    Cathryne, so fortunate for me that the singing Doctor is a real person and he is coming…..I have my eyes open and do find little shiny bits of joy each day it has just been hard to catch them through the tears. You are quite right. I wouldn’t want Erin upset and I sincerely doubt my mother would want me to worry. It is just so sad.
    Feeling the hug Julie. Amazing how well it travels across the ocean. Love the met too reference.
    Another day has dawned and rain is on the way but rain is necessary and makes the warm spaces cosy. It may also send the painter in my direction as he is working on an outside project. Hoping there are moments of joy in everyone’s day. I do love hearing about them.

  10. Anna says:

    Making my own moment of joy. Mum kicked me out. Seriously I don’t think she knew who I was. So…I came home and made an apple pie. Being meaning to do that for two weeks. Really didn’t have the energy for it but greed drove me on. I want pie! And so I shall have it.

  11. Paul Hochman says:

    We’ve added Louise’s 2016 Tour Dates here:

    Hope to see some of you on the road!

  12. Anna says:

    Are you going on the tour Paul? Look out for my husband Peter at the DC gig. Say hi from me. He is very excited. If he went in uniform he would be easy to spot but I suspect he will blend into the crowd. Listen out for an Aussie accent.

    • Paul Hochman says:

      Not in DC, Anna. In spirit though and will see LP a week or so after publication. Exciting!

      • Julie Buck says:

        Wish I could come to one… I’ll have to relish the one I did get to here in Seattle and wait for another opportunity. I know Louise doesn’t want to tour long and hard, as she needs to be home more, and I totally support that! I’ll be waving from the long away sidelines! Cheering her on – knowing there will probably be a few Youtube videos I can watch, and reading the BOOK – trying so hard not to gobble it down in one sitting.

        Good for you for making pie, Anna! I’ve been making them now and again – have discovered hot water pastry (thank you, Great British Baking Show) which tastes great but it is a little tough (not a lot, just a little), but will stand up to kneading and fretting and re-working, which is a good thing! I’ve got to go get some butter and flour in the freezer.

      • Anna says:

        Give our love and best wishes to Louise Paul. I am sure the book is fabulous and we are all waiting with great expectations. Tell her we will be discussing it once we have all read it and feel free to pop by and join in!!

  13. Anna says:

    My brother sent me this link

    It made me laugh and cry and I bet you will know why. I think Louise would understand this woman very well.

  14. Peg H. in Wisconsin USA says:

    Anna, I like the term “Bistro bunnies” for us. We need to multiply!

  15. Julie Buck says:

    Hahaha – “Bistro Bunnies” – cute, cute, cute! I’m off to lunch with friends for my birthday, so will check out the TED talk later – looks very interesting.

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