Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: The Nature of the Beast

  1. Anne says:

    As a child I enjoyed the freedom to roam in the forest on the nearby hills. My dad was able to easily identify trees when we traveled. I also climbed trees a great deal. Trees are a comfort to me.

  2. Miriam says:

    When you grow up in Nova Scotia, the water and the forest play a big role in your development. The natural world shapes your character and your views. I LOVE the quiet beauty of a walk in a wooded area or a visitation with a lovely beach. I have spent my entire lifetime surrounded by a world that is paradise like in natural wonders. My children, on the other hand, have ventured much further afield. They have experienced the benefits of much travel, but they hunger for their native Nova Scotia. Louise Penny’s descriptions of the settings in her books are little gifts that appeal to heart and soul.

  3. Kirsten Morgan says:

    I love the ocean, and am very fond of the Appalachian Mountains where I now live, but no landscape moves me like the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle. That dry, windy, flat land is an essential part of who I am. An added bonus is a remarkable canyon that cuts right across the middle of the Panhandle (and continues right through the middle of my heart).

  4. Anne says:

    Both – I need my annual dose of both. I grew up in rural northern Germany, very close to the Dutch border, and I remember endless summers spend in the woods and meadows there, playing with frogs, toads, the occasional slow-worm, catching polliwogs with my bare hands in the shallow water and coming home pretty damp, muddy, happy and hungry. As I grew older I snatched a good book, a bottle of water and cycled to a quiet spot in the woods and spend many a blissful afternoon leaned against a birch tree buried deep in a story. We spend most of the school holidays (fall, Easter, Christmas) on a small island in the North Sea and I love the briny smell of the ocean, the salty taste on my lips and the wind tousling my hair. I‘ve experienced storms, riptides, extreme low waters, fog (love it!), drizzle, pouring rain and the bluest skies one can imagine. While woods give me comfort and sanctuary, looking over the open sea with its endless sky brings me calm and quiet and a sense of solitude and serenity, a feeling of total freedom really. Nothing better than coming back in after walking the stormy beach and warming up with a hot chocolate – and a good book. Now living in Berlin, my husband and I escaped to a beech forest just outside of the city a few times and managed to spend ten days at Sylt (a German island in the North Sea close to the Danish border) between lockdowns – not sure we‘d have emerged somewhat sane without either escape…

  5. Pat Sullivan says:

    Such happy memories of walks in the woods with three curious children and one happy golden retriever.

    But summers spent with mom at the Long Island Sound, the kids absorbed in exploring mussels and crabs in the tidal pools will always make me an ocean girl. Each winter we head to Florida now, where the waters just sparkle and I can just sit back and contemplate how vast they are.

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