A Return to Three Pines: The Brutal Telling

When we think of the Bistro, we envision a roaring fireplace, conversations with neighbors, and delicious food and drink. 

Of the many meals we’ve all shared in the Bistro, which would you like to try the most?

For a selection of recipes inspired by the series, download The Nature of the Feast

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Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: The Brutal Telling

  1. Mary Joe says:

    Fun to read your posts, I am 96 years old. I love to read Louise Penny and all that is related to her, so now I also have a broken hip, and I look forward to anything related to Three Pines. As I’m recovering, does any body have any good book recommendations for me? Wishing everyone well, Mary Joe.

  2. Sue Shardlow says:

    I heartily agree that the recipes are such a marvelous idea and a perfect continuation of the “after-read.”
    Will “The Nature of the Feast” be updated with each new book? Sure hope so, and will say thanks in advance.

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