A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

Art is certainly a consistent thread throughout the Three Pines canon. 

Are there any real-life artists or works of art that come to mind when you envision Three Pines?

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Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: Still Life

  1. Mary Jo Puddy says:

    You write incredibly well, such a pleasure to read. I am 96 years old and am looking forward to your next book. I have my fingers crossed, a reason to energize myself!

  2. Leslie says:

    When I’m more stressed than usual, I check out for a while and visit Three Pines. I enjoy the food. I visit with my friends. I walk in the woods. I watch the river.
    Three Pines tops my list of places I’d love to visit!

  3. Mary Dalton says:

    I seem to have a favourite sentence in each book. Louise has a wonderful way of describing things and then capturing the essence in a single, wonderfully crafted line. For me, in Still Life, it’s her description of Inspector Beauvoir. After describing his comfortable clothing and casually draped scarf and contrasting this with his lean frame and taut stance, she sums up, “Jean Guy Beauvoir was loosely wrapped, but tightly wound.” Love it.

  4. Sherrie Frame says:

    I just want Louise Penny to sit down and write more and more books in the series. I am obsessed and listen to most on audio. I am happily married but otherwise would want to date Ralph who does so much of narration. These books in Three Pines are definitely my happy place and agree that a TV series would not live up to my imagination but am open minded.

  5. Alice Briggs says:

    The times that the Three Pines residents share any meal ~ at the bistro, at Clara’s house, at the Gamache’s ~ bring us closer to them and give us more reasons to wish that the village were real! Louise’s descriptions of yummy breakfasts, delectable sandwiches, marvelous entrees, spectacular desserts, indeed any food consumed in Three Pines, bring these gastronomic delights to our virtual realities.
    I’m not a good cook, but I am tempted to try a recipe or two from this cookbook.
    Thanks, Louise, for giving us more reasons to love your Gamache series!

  6. Christine Kelsey says:

    I too appreciate the books for allowing me to envision the characters as I see them but if the movies are going to be made anyway I am wondering who you might cast as Inspector Gamache or any of the other roles? It is sort of a fun game to think through all the possibilities and figure out who could do the very best by our beloved Armand – not that the studio would appreciate our input!

  7. Gale Clancy says:

    A very good friend, who is also an avid reader, introduced me to Armand Gamache and I am so grateful. So far have read the first 5 books and I’m in love with Three Pines and its inhabitants. In fact, my friend wants to move there (!), I may go too! Louise Penny is a mastermind, how lucky are we to be the beneficiaries of her genius. I feel very “at home and cozy” when I am reading the Gamache series.

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