Discussion on “A Return to Three Pines: A Trick of the Light

  1. Christine says:

    When Ruth appears, you know it is going to be humorous, but darkly true.
    Ruth is who I aspire to become.

  2. Constance I Shiebler says:

    Ruth and Jean Guy – says it all.

  3. Barb Morris says:

    I agree with the the replies, because I love Ruth. She has deep love, wit, wisdom, insight, courage, patience, and many other numerous qualities
    While she is my favorite characters in Three Pines, Louise has created such personable and true-to-life people, that have become part of my family . It is also wonderful how I can learn more background about a character with a new book . Anxiously awaiting August!

  4. T. A. Prizzi says:

    “Ruth Zardo is my Spirit Animal.”
    Yep, I’m getting a tee shirt with that printed on it…or maybe a tatoo. Nah, too painful. Definitely the shirt.
    And I don’t thinks she’s crazy, though I do think that she’s secretly from NJ. She fits right in.

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