Gamache Goes Abroad – Still Life

ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE finds our dear Inspector in France so there’s no better place to kick off our “Gamache Goes Abroad” cover musings than en français! 

And, wow, the current U.S. cover treatment of Still Life couldn’t be any different from how our French colleagues handled the look of the book. While we opted for a subtle nod to the title — the art genre that dates back to the Egyptians — the French took a more severe route, depicting a key plot point (no spoilers, please!). It’s noteworthy that both covers feature framed imagery which could symbolize a window, or, entryway, into the series. 

What do you think? 

Which cover do you gravitate towards? 

Discussion on “Gamache Goes Abroad – Still Life

  1. I also like the U. S. Cover. Just something about it that draws me in.

  2. Sue Braun says:

    While the French cover is intriguing, I still prefer the North American cover……

  3. Lynne Rosenthal says:

    I like the US cover, just as I like the US titles. I guess I’m a traditionalist at heart.

  4. Ginger Shaw says:

    US version for me.

  5. Nina McKee says:

    I like the US version.

  6. Patricia Maynor says:

    U.S. version, please.

  7. Nina T McKee says:

    I like the US version. The French version reminds me of a children’s book cover!!

  8. Mary H says:

    Definitely the U.S. version.

  9. Patricia Jones says:

    As a painter, the still life on the American version appeals to me the most.

  10. I would have been most apt to buy the US cover with the vase of flowers. The other cover just isn’t very appealing. That being said, there have been several US cover versions, and I believe I read one with a pleasant village pictured on the front? Now that I know this author’s writing and series, of course, I would read them no matter what the covers look like!

  11. Jennifer says:

    American version for me.

  12. Dianne Myers says:

    I prefer the American version!

  13. Pam Frazier says:

    The two covers evoke very different emotions. The American version feels very sophisticated, like a beautiful still life painting. The French version feels visceral, which harkens back to the book. I like both.

  14. Ann Elliott says:

    Both so different hard to choose. My daughter has our paper back copy so can not see what cover. Just remembered we got a hard cover copy of Still Life when we were in Knowlton (sp?) a couple of years ago. But it also with my daughter.

  15. Shirley Cox says:

    I think I agree the original one? With the church.

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