Gamache Goes Abroad – Still Life

ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE finds our dear Inspector in France so there’s no better place to kick off our “Gamache Goes Abroad” cover musings than en français! 

And, wow, the current U.S. cover treatment of Still Life couldn’t be any different from how our French colleagues handled the look of the book. While we opted for a subtle nod to the title — the art genre that dates back to the Egyptians — the French took a more severe route, depicting a key plot point (no spoilers, please!). It’s noteworthy that both covers feature framed imagery which could symbolize a window, or, entryway, into the series. 

What do you think? 

Which cover do you gravitate towards? 

Discussion on “Gamache Goes Abroad – Still Life

  1. Sue Clayton says:

    I liked the multiple meanings of “Still Life,” as an artistic term and alluding to something still living, or as to a quiet life. So the US version is the one I like.

  2. Linda says:

    Like the English one

  3. Linda Duffield says:

    I have liked the American cover since the beginning. It opens the window for the future while grounding us in the still life art.

  4. April Cassidy says:

    The red n fawn draw me in. The French version.

  5. Freda Bowman says:

    The US version. More subtle.

  6. Robin Ball says:

    My vote is American. I like the French version; I love the American Version.

  7. Like most every comment I’ve seen, I like the US version best.

  8. Paula Marshall says:

    Definitely the US version

  9. Connie Cooney says:

    I am partial to the American version. Probably because I’ve been so familiar with it all these years.

  10. JoAnn says:

    Definitely the American version. The French cover is stark, while the colors in the American cover are softer, which is more appealing to me. Although, the blood red on the French cover, surrounding the soft fawn, might be more appropriate to the story, the softer American cover works better with the title.

  11. Judith Neuheimer says:

    I too, prefer the US version as it portrays more mystery.
    Wondering if there are any covers designed in Canada?

  12. Nancy Whittemore says:

    I like the American cover better.

  13. Sylvia Kark says:

    I think that they are both compelling. The French version is immediate and the American takes more time to move into the scene. What fun!

  14. Lori says:

    I like the US version. I love animals, so I think the French one is rather graphic.

  15. Brenda Walters Hanke says:

    I definitely like the English version better!! I like the artwork better.

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