Gamache Goes Abroad – Kingdom of the Blind

Buongiorno! This week, we find Gamache in Italy with the covers of Kingdom of the Blind. What strikes us about the Italian edition of the book is their literal interpretation of one of the opening scenes in the book, in which Gamache arrives at an abandoned farmhouse in a snowstorm. [Note from Paul Hochman: Who would have thought he’d drive a Jeep?] 

Also striking about the Italian jacket is the illustration, which we’ve yet to see from any of the other international editions. Is their illustration of Gamache how you’d picture him? 

In contrast, our US jacket takes a more abstract approach, while still evoking a wintry scene. It’s not hard to imagine that the icicles shown on the US jacket might be on a window, drawing similarities between our version and the Italian version. 

What do you think? Which jacket do you prefer? 

The illustration on the Italian jacket brings to mind a few other illustrated book covers. Does it remind you of any other covers in particular?

Discussion on “Gamache Goes Abroad – Kingdom of the Blind

  1. Cathy Yuzna says:

    I prefer the US book jacket. Until a movie is made of the series, I’d like to maintain my private vision of Gamache.

  2. Jay Blanchard says:

    Loved this entire series. Read all in the last 3 months. Just finished All the devils, called our library to order the next one and found out it does not come out until August. Bummer! Can hardly wait!

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