Postcards from Three Pines: Bury Your Dead

Bury Your Dead Postcard
“Quebec City. Bitterly cold but managing to get out into this gorgeous old city, researching BURY YOUR DEAD. We’re having a blast - but man, is it cold!”

Instead of heading straight in to the Château Frontenac he decided to stroll along the Dufferin Terrace, the long wooden boardwalk that swept in front of the hotel and overlooked the St. Lawrence River. In the summer it was filled with ice cream carts and musicians and people relaxing in the pergolas. In the winter a bitter damp wind blew down the St. Lawrence River and hit pedestrians, stealing their breaths and practically peeling the skin off their faces. But still people walked along the outdoor terrasse, so remarkable was the view.

And there was another attraction. La glissade. The ice slide. Built every winter it towered above the promenade. As he turned the corner of the Château the wind hit Gamache’s face. Tears sprung to his eyes and froze. Ahead, midway along the terrasse, he could see the slide, three lanes wide with stairs cut into the snow at the side. Even on this brittle day kids were lugging their rented toboggans up the steps. In fact, the colder the day the better. The ice would be keen and the toboggans would race down the steep slope, shooting off the end. Some toboggans were going so fast and so far pedestrians on the terrasse had to leap out of their way.

As he watched he noticed it wasn’t just kids climbing to the top, but adults as well including a few young couples. It was as effective as a scary movie to get a hug, and he remembered clearly coming to the slide with Reine- Marie early in their relationship. Climbing to the top,
dragging the long toboggan with them, waiting their turn. Gamache, deathly afraid of heights, was still trying to pretend otherwise with this girl who’d stolen his heart so completely.

Discussion on “Postcards from Three Pines: Bury Your Dead

  1. Marcia Van Note says:

    I was in QC in April.It rained the whole time. Now that there is a tour based on the book, I’d like to go back but definitely not in winter.

  2. Louise Abel says:

    Thank you for these wonderful postcards! This one brings fond memories of my journey across Canada in October 2015 and time in QC at the Chateau, on the Bury Your Dead Tour and wandering around a beautiful city…sweet, sweet memories!

  3. Karen LeDrew says:

    What a fabulous photo of you and Michael! You both look so happy!! I hope you actually DID the run.
    I enjoyed a snowy, freezing stay in Quebec December 2017. Toured the library which was a setting for this book and am keen now to review ALL of your Gamache books. Just love that man! Don’t ever kill him off!

  4. Orion Baker says:

    I am such a big fan of Quebec City. I visited there with my daughter when my husband passed. Would love to visit during the Winter. We usually have lots of snow here in NL but the snow in Quebec surrounded by it’s unique beauty would make a trip of a lifetime for me. Love the picture of your husband and you tobogganing. Am eagerly awaiting your next novel. I will be reading this one. I usually read and listen to all your books. I am so sorry I cannot replace the voice of Armand, even though I love the actor who has stepped in.
    Love to all

  5. Jill Leaman says:

    Just finishing “A Rule against Murder”. “Bury your Dead “ is next on my list.

  6. Penny Bews says:

    I love the picture of you and Michael! Thank you for the wonderful postcards. They seem to go straight to my heart, as I remember your personal struggle with Michael failing, at the same time my husband was failing. I love your books, but also, the kind and caring attention to your husband and your readers, by sharing your pain. You are such a gift to all of us!

  7. Stephanie Saxon Levine says:

    Your description is so engaging of the senses that my goosebumps are rising on this 88 degree day in Boca Raton, FL. No, it isn’t a draft from the AC.

  8. Sharon Bouchard says:

    Item on my Bucket List: VISIT QUEBEC CITY!!! Fall or Winter….either/or….I just want to be there. Just finished reading BURY YOUR DEAD….this is my favorite Louise Penny story so far. Looking forward to the next.

  9. Judi Manola says:

    I just re-read this prior to a trip to Quebec. It was the perfect preparation!

  10. Nancy Leppan says:

    I’m heading to Quebec City tomorrow for a week, Louise, so you’ve whetted my appetite even further. Oh my, yes: such a magical place. Not sooooo cold for us in early October, I might add! Fortunately we get to go at least once a year so everything is lovely and familiar, but breath-takingly beautiful all the same.

  11. Dear Louise, I am loving the Postcards. After the next book in the series, I will re read all of the books. I want to hang out in Three Pines with all of your wonderfully flawed characters. You are an exceptional author and give me great joy when reading but a little sadness as well. I have Macular Degeneration so I have the books from Audible as well.

  12. Doris Travis says:

    So loving this picture of you and Michael –

  13. Joan R. Schock says:

    These postcards are so refreshing. I think I am going to have to start rereading the first Gamache book through to the last one. Such a delightful reading plan.


    Quebec City is my favorite city in the whole world, especially because my family has ancestral roots to the small island of L’Isle d’Orleans just outside of Quebec. This book is my favorite of the series because of the description of locations and history of the city.

  15. Mary Ann Pautz says:

    First, love these postcards. You know we need to have them in hand! Second, you came into my life shortly after Michael passed. I was devastated for you. Looking at these wonderful postcards you are sharing with us, I simply adore Michael! Surprised by Joy! Love you Louise.

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